These Whole Grain Pumpkin Spice Muffins not only are a lifesaver for new moms (or anybody who needs to eat one-handed on the run!) they're dietician-approved healthy kid-friendly snacks too! | YMCFood |
One of the best one-handed nutrient-packed foods for busy Moms (and kids love them too!)
vegan sugar-free nut-free gluten-free energy bars
An grab-and-go energy bar that not only ticks off the nut-free, gluten-free boxes but also tastes great and is a snap to put together.
Your kids want a tasty snack that whips up in a flash and you want something healthy they’ll actually eat. These 3 recipes have you covered.
chocolate peanut butter drops
The perfect summer recipe: These cool "no oven" required peanut butter crops are ready in ten minutes flat.
Not only a brilliant source of protein and other nutrients, this hummus is also delicious thanks to a zip of flavour from roasted red pepper.
oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
The debate rages on over crunchy or chewy oatmeal cookies. Now, thanks to this recipe, you don't have to choose.
Lentils get a bad rap. It's time to turn around the reputation of this nutritional powerhouse with this recipe for a full flavoured loaf.
Pizza Pinwheels |
Delicious pizza pinwheels the whole family will be reaching for.
by: Jen Farr