What do you think of this ad by Hyundai that depicts a man staging a suicide in his garage.
Surely, there are those of you who feel the way I do? Let's not all be obedient little lambs being held captive in advertisement hell.
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Why does this commercial hit so close to home, and what is this lump in my throat?
In what was essentially the poorest taste ever, an Estonian newspaper printed an ad for slimming pills showing concentration camp victims as models.
Viewers in Australia were horrified after watching a new commercial for panty liners. Would you be offended?
Neil Hedley has been in the radio business for 30 years. Find out who he'd like to meet, why he was shot at and his thoughts on advertising.
Amber Mac does a good job describing the scene. Her advice to marketers trying to make a push into social media? "Don't tick off the mommy bloggers."
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This year's Super Bowl commercials included some real head scratchers.