adoption perspectives
I was ashamed I thought this woman was going to confront me. Instead her words and the magnitude of her grace overwhelmed me. I think of that moment often.
Skyler James was abandoned when she was only hours old but thanks to this determined firefighter she was rescued and now 18 years later they finally meet.
Katie is eight months old – a sweet, happy baby. I dressed her up in her snowsuit and buckled her in the car seat. And then she left forever.
jackie hugging daughter
"So why do you want a black baby?" she asked, with the heartbreaking earnestness that only a black woman in post-apartheid South Africa could pull off.
Pushed, pulled, scheduled, at home, in the water, carried by someone else or adopted. Tell us your story of how your baby came to be.
by: YMC
Adoption Family Day
My daughter's birthday is hugely significant but it's this day that holds first place in my heart.