Olympics Announcer: Simone Biles’ Adoptive Parents are "NOT her Parents"
NBC commentator Al Trautwig was forced to do some fast back-pedalling after posting this tweet about Olympic gymnast Simone Biles.
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In the midst of heartache and emotional upheaval, the couple decided the only way to come out the other side was to make light of the situation.
This adoption reunion story leaves more confusion and uncertainty than there ever was before.
I would love to tell you that things are clearer now since it has been nearly two years since finding my birth mother but they are not.
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Adoption Awareness Month provoked poignant memories of China a dozen years ago, and one of the most wonderful experiences of my life.
An adoptee has some things to say to Chelsea O'Donnell about her relationship with her "adopted" mother.
From one adoptee to another....please take this advice.
This awesome "birth announcement" may have you running for the tissues.
Would you support your daughter even if it meant she was going to get beaten up?
Adoption Awareness
Single or LGBT Canadians who struggle to have children will be considered infertile.