YMC ShaToBu Review

Mummies Weigh-in On The Shape Of Their ShaToBu Experience!

by: YMC
YMC ShaToBu Review

For the month of September a bunch of YMC members agreed to slip into ShāToBu Shapers to test the company’s promise to shape, tone and burn calories during everyday life. They ran errands, chased after kids, and went out on the town—all while donning ShāToBu shapers. The results: ShāToBu gave participants that ‘tucked-in, shapely’ look, while many said they felt it created resistance that helped burn calories and tone their bodies. If you’re longing to banish pesky baby-weight or work-it in a pair of skinny jeans…the answer, it seems, is ShāToBu!

Read on to see how these mummies rate the ShāToBu experience…


Amanda B. from Drumheller, AB
ShāToBu was a little more structured than anything I have tried in the past. I was a little leery that it would be uncomfortable but I was so wrong. The biggest advantage to ShāToBu was how I looked in my clothes. After having two kids; both by c-section; I was starting to lose hope that my stomach would ever look good in clothing again. The ShāToBu shapewear flattens it all out. No more belly hanging over the top of the pants. No more love handles. No more muffin top.

Sarah D. from Airdrie, AB
As shapewear they worked well; smoothing out the bumps and lumps and making it easier to slide into my more snug jeans. But it wasn’t until day two that I realized exactly how much resistance you get. The night before the second wear I had done 150 squats in a CrossFit class. My legs were sore when I woke; but wearing ShāToBu was excruciating! Yup; there’s definitely resistance there.

Esia G. from Toronto, ON
I have tried all the ShāToBu samples and so far the footless tights are my favorite. They are easy to wear; it’s just like putting on regular hosiery. At this stage; I’m not sure whether the ShāToBu has actually helped tone or shape but two people have asked me if I have lost weight. I would still buy the ShāToBu regardless of whether or not it actually tones and shapes.

Katie O. from Toronto, ON
The first time I put on my ShāToBu; I will admit I was quite uncomfortable. I had to squeeze it on and I am not used to wearing anything so tight! After a day I actually got used to it though. I found that my dreaded muffin top got a lot smaller with them on and I actually looked decent in jeans. All in all I really like ShāToBu. If you are not used to shapewear (like myself); it takes a day or so to get used to; but once you do; you feel great.

Corla R. from Swift Current, SK
I would recommend this product to a friend. With having five kids and running two businesses I don't always have the time or energy to get to the gym, so anything I can do while running errands around town to increase my muscle, burn calories and smooth out my back fat is my new best friend. Read Corla's full review here!

Bonnie E. from Medicine Hat, AB
I very much love how the ShāToBu made my clothes fit better; feel smoother; and did not miss my muffin top in any way shape or form! I did have a little issue getting the high-waisted pair to stay up correctly. Thank you so very much for allowing me to test out their products! It was a very enjoyable month and I will be a customer of ShāToBu forever more I am sure.

Lori S. from Stoney Creek, ON
When I put on my first pair of ShāToBu; the first thing I noticed was that I immediately felt the bands working. Every time I moved; I could feel the bands resistance. The only issue I had was that the non-tight shapers seemed to show through my pants (you could see the leg line). While I didn’t measure inches; I noticed a difference just by looking at myself in the mirror and the way my clothes fit with and without the shapers.

Maija C. from Edmonton, AB
When I first tried on ShāToBu I noticed that they felt quite a bit tighter than the shapewear I was currently using and while I struggled a bit to put it on the first few times the shape it gave me was amazing! I love the way it makes me feel supported throughout the entire day and ShāToBu is like a little bonus to your regular (or not-so-regular) workout routine.

Loukia Z. from Ottawa, ON
I have to say; I was very impressed with the quality of the tights; and all the samples I received. Yes; it really did help in making me feel more firm - which was a great feeling! I don’t think I lost any weight; but while I was wearing the tights I felt great. I would totally buy them again and recommend them to friends; too!

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Geraldine D. from Etobicoke, ON
When I first saw ShāToBu I wasn’t sure if the tights would fit or not but they were perfect. I got very used to them and felt comfortable. They also helped me fit into jeans that were one size smaller. I can’t say my muscles feel more toned after wearing them but I do get used to that pulled in more together feeling while wearing them.

Keri S. from Regina, SK
While ShāToBu smoothed my body the same as the Spanx. I found the real difference to be comfort. I’m usually ready to release myself from the Spanx after an evening out but ShāToBu is really comfortable and I didn’t mind wearing it throughout the day. The only thing about ShāToBu that I didn’t like was that it would ride up my thighs a bit and I found I had to pull them down to smooth them out under my pant legs.

Jen C. from Toronto, ON
I found the tights to be much more comfortable for me than the shapers. They were not as restrictive as the shapers but I could still feel the resistance bands doing their job. The best part about ShāToBu was how it made me look in my clothes! They really kept my muffin-top in check and my tummy tucked in. When I actually threw on a dress or a nice pair of jeans and headed out for a day of meetings; I looked terrific! :-)

Barbara D. from Kitchener, ON
Wearing the ShāToBu has made me more aware of my core and even when I am not wearing them; I now find myself controlling my core more automatically. I am one of those women who has worn other shapewear before but only for special occasions so it was weird to wear it for everyday; but I did feel more confident and pulled together in my clothing. Overall; I did notice a difference and will continue to use the product.

Pearl S. from Thornhill, ON
They did visually slim my body when I wore them; clutching and binding those fall-out places. My husband even pointed out that I looked skinnier when I wore the mid-thigh shaper last evening under my clothes when we went to a party. Although I picked the right size for me; I first found the waistband of the shapers/tights very constricting on my belly and kept running to the bathroom because of the pressure it created on my bladder. But after a while; I got used to it; and didn’t notice a difference.

Athena D. from Markham, ON
I have tried shapers before; and this did lend a really smooth feel; although with the seam running along the front; you did have to be a bit selective on what you were wearing; but it did definitely streamline the silhouette from the side. All in all; it was a very good experience; and I would definitely wear them again.

Mel T. from Peterborough, ON
I did notice some resistance as I wore it but not as much as expected. It was just as comfortable as the shape wear I was used to and I do think it breathed better. One criticism I have is there should be larger sizes made. I am a plus size mom and just BARELY fit into the 2x!

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