The Moms-Forgoing-Fashion Crisis

A Humorous, Yet Serious Look At Why Moms Forget Fashion

If you have ever watched the early years of Saturday Night Live, most likely you recall the “Mom jeans” skit. “You're not a woman anymore, you're a MOM!” was one of the tag lines, referring to the fact that once the baby comes, out goes the fashion.

It is very hard caring for little onesand changing dirty diaperswhile looking good. It takes so long to pack up baby supplies for an outing that by the time you're done, the last thing on your mind is how good you look. Perhaps that's an exaggeration, but there's no doubt that sometimes you don't want to touch your hairyou're too tired, but you do anyway, because it's important for our self-confidence to look good. When we look good, we feel good, too.

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center highlighted a fashion show for moms. If you missed it, check out the videos online of the trendy and realistic clothing as it came down the catwalk.

Another example of women’s practical fashion is a Retiman's commerciala comic look at how impractical high fashion is in relation to real life. This video has all six commercials. These guys really pegged it right on. Watch for a good giggle:

Another reason why women shy away from fashionable clothing and accessories is high price. Walking through the mall, the rows of mannequins next to the big SALE signs in every store look so fantastic, you want to waltz right in there and pick it all up.

Unbeknownst to you, the items on sale are much uglier than the pieces in the window, while the best looking clothes in the window are double what the regular price should be. Darn it for expensive fashion! Too bad the baby needs diapers changed so often, or perhaps these fashion finds would not be such a pinch to the pocketbook.

Here's a fashion find for jewellerya store that operates purely online. Not having a physical store in the mall enables the prices to be lower, as there is less overhead, so these massive savings get passed right along to women shopping online. Shipping starts at $1.99so low that it's not even worth mentioning. So, browse away and you won't get a crazy shock at the virtual checkout counter. It's a Canadian company, which is also nice. Nothing is as frustrating to Canadians who find cool stuff online, as finding out the store does not ship to Canada.

Fashion for moms is a little different than with singletons, but shopping wisely does not mean you have to sacrifice everything. Shopping for jewellery online is a great place to save big, while still keeping up with trends.

Jamie Bentley is a family owned jewelry company from Calgary, Alberta. One of the owners, Danielle, enjoys fashion so much that the workday is filled with constant joy and happiness! They say "find what you love and turn it into a career" and that's exactly what we've done. Life is truly wonderful! Now thew work really begins at growing the company bigger. It will take years and years of dedication and hard work but "Rome was not built in a day" - neither are jewelry companies!

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