The Lowdown on Leggings

by: Eva Salem
Leggings are a spring style solution that won't break the bank. They are easy, versatile and inexpensive.
Perfect for the mom-to-be as well as the moms on the go.
But how do you wear them???
As a pregnant mother of two with a business to run, and a life that always seems to be on the verge of chaos. I have to tell you that my new BFF for Spring is ..... LEGGINGS! They are the easiest thing to throw on this time of year.  My mind may be ready for bare legs, but I am not quite sure if my legs are yet.

Leggings are the most comfortable thing I own and yet they give all my outfits a fashionable and funky edge (even if I am not necessarily feeling very fashionable or funky that day!). 

Here are a few quick and easy tips on how to wear them:
Long or short? You can wear them either way - anything goes but try to strike a balance on top. The more funky the legging, the simplier you should keep things on top.

Sock or no sock? No reason to debate any more - you can do both! You can add a complimentary colored sock and go with a heel or you can stick with the tried and true no sock look with a flat.

Are leggings flattering? Leggings give your legs that little bit of definition and shape that they sometimes need.  Who needs the gym when you have lycra and spandex to help you cheat? Of course, this is my top style tip for pregnant women.

Patterned or plain? Amp up the funky fashion factor with really cute color and pattern combinations - almost anything goes as the 80's have taken hold.  See attached pictures for inspiration.

So give your wardrobe (and yourself) a little lift.  It's a small investment that goes a long way. 

Enjoy your spring!


Eva Salem is the owner of Belly Maternity boutique in Toronto.  Belly Maternity has established itself as the go-to authority on maternity fashions and trends.  Belly carries top maternity and non-maternity brands, as well as an exclusive private label designed by Eva.  Eva is the proud mother of two little people (with a third one on its way this summer). 

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