Style Makeover For Mom

Where Oh Where Has My Style Gone?

My dilemma – lately, and I mean for about three years, is that as a busy mom I have been wearing comfy clothes and little to no makeup – oh, where had my style gone?

I found more and more often that I would just stand there looking into my closet, seeing nothing that I could actually get excited about and the “F” word popping into my head… a few “F” words actually, but the one I am referring to is… Frumpy.  Hmmm, this called for drastic measures - time to take action and a get a freakin makeover!

Feeling in dire need of a wardrobe overhaul, I consulted an expert.  I had my colors done – who knew that the spring in me was waiting to be discovered!  Armed with my new color palette, I chose differently and felt it really did enhance my appearance.  Wow.  People noticed and commented immediately on my new rainbow of complimentary colors that showed up.

My husband knows from shopping with me that I can go into 1 or 2 stores, even 3 on a good day and try clothes on but that’s about my limit.  My tolerance for shopping is a little on the low side compared to most.  Who has the time or the luxury to while away a day wandering in and out of stores, browsing and then disrobing and donning various pieces – over and over!?  There’s another “F” word – frustrating.

I experienced heavenly shopping when I arrived to find that an ‘angel’ had filled my dressing room with all the right things and I came away with a “module” of outfits (mix and match pieces) that were my power colors, flatter my figure and looked great together!  Talk about being ahead of the game!  This kind of shopping I can handle.

Christie Ressel, International Image Consultant believes you can combine style and comfort.  Hallelujah!  I added some tank tops in fabulous colors, a blazer and a few cardigans that I can add scarves and belts to and dress up or wear casual. I even took a bunch of clothes from my closet over to Stitch-It for some alterations.

I want to share a few of Christie’s tips that I love:

A fabulous pair of Jeans.   I have a new favourite – yoga jeans – that look like jeans and are as comfy as sweat pants!  For me, they are better than leggings and more versatile.

A few fun “statement” pieces of jewellery.  I have booked my Silpada party!

A great pair of flats and pumps that will cushion your feet while making you look chic no matter what. Cole Haan has shoes for women that have Nike Air's in them – really?

With spring around the corner, it was just the right time to bring the spring out in me.   A fresh cut & color, an hour of shopping, new pieces in my wardrobe that really work, some how-to put it all together tricks and makeup tips went a long way in turning frumpy mummy back into yummy mummy.

Rebecca Follows is a writer with a background in Business and Information Technology. In the past she has held management positions in both Information Technology and e-commerce.
While enjoying a successful career in Business and Information Technology, Rebecca decided she wanted to enjoy a more flexible lifestyle, one that would allow her more time with her family. She wanted to work and write in areas that she is passionate about and to make a difference, contributing stories that inspire, educate and encourage women in many walks of life.
As a journalist, fitness enthusiast and well-traveled mom, she shares her knowledge and first hand experience on I.T., fitness, family and travel.