Pregnancy Fashion

The Golden Rules For The Next Nine Months

Not sure where to start? Well, let us help!

All it requires is that you listen to your inner fashionista. If you’re not already hearing her loud and clear, stick to our golden rules …

Don’t forget your personal style

If you wouldn’t wear it when you weren’t pregnant DON’T buy it now.

Stay true to yourself

Find clothes in the style you love but cut to fit your new body shape.

Don’t buy all your maternity clothes too early

The shape you are at 12 weeks won’t be the shape you are at 20 weeks and certainly not the shape you will be at 38 weeks. You won’t know where the weight will go until later in your pregnancy. Hold fire.

Rock the Bump Look not the Frump Look

Tent dresses and tops will not help! Buy fitted. Show you’re pregnant not frumpy. Whatever your size, get clothes that fit properly.

Start from the Inside Out

This means drink lots of water and eat lots of fresh fruit and veg. I’m not going to lecture you about it. You know you are what you eat and so will your baby be. If that’s not a good enough reason…

Pamper Yourself

Spend some ‘me time’. Exfoliate, moisturise, do your hair and nails. The better you feel the better you’ll look.

Underwear is key

Ladies – bulging boobs and love handles are not a good look. Get underwear that fits properly. It doesn’t need to be expensive. It just needs to fit. You may love your new found breasts, but wearing them up by your chin is grim.

Accessories make or break an outfit

Any outfit can be jazzed up and made to be you with some super accessories. If you can't find anything you like, buy basics and use accessories – broaches, bangles, necklaces, bags, scarves – to show your sense of style. But remember, sometimes less is most definitely more.

Remember Style over Fashion

As the almighty Yves Saint Laurent once said: Fashions fade, style is eternal – we have nothing to add.

Claire Chaplin is a new mum, dog owner, all saints addict, bossy boots, and sailor's wife-to-be.