How to Hide Tummy Bulge

Disguising What We Don't Want Others to See

Summer is just around the corner… and unfortunately, for many of us so are those 10 extra pounds!

You hibernated all winter, gained some weight and some of it is still hanging around. Or maybe you struggle with monthly belly bloating. Dressing to hide the bulge is all about knowing the tricks to camouflage your trouble spots.  

For some reason we like to stick to black and we have a tendency to wear bigger and boxier clothes when trying to disguise extra weight. But what that does is the opposite, it only makes us look bigger and shapeless. The key is knowing which pieces camouflage your troubled areas and adding accessories to deflect the eyes from those spots. Whether you are dressing for work or play, there are lots of options available.

Here are some Yummy Mummy tummy hiding staples you need to have in your closet: 

The Perfect Top

Luckily for us, this summer bubble tops and pretty feminine ruffle tops are all the rage. Whether it’s a $6 tank from Walmart or a $50 ruffle top from Winners, both of them rock at hiding the muffin top! Paired with capris for a trip to the park with the kids, or with a pair of skinny pants and high heels for the office, you can’t go wrong. Turquoise, fuchsia, orange and yellow are all great choices to pair with casual jeans or black pants.


We all need a few key accessories in our closet to help disguise our bulges...a low slung belt that cuts across the hips and a long scarf left hanging down are also great tricks. These are great camouflage pieces, inexpensive and easy ways to add some style to both work and play outfits. 


And don’t forget about jewellery, it’s a great trick to deflect the eyes somewhere else. Big chunky pieces are my favourite. They are everywhere and you don’t need to spend a fortune. Fun, bright costume jewellery is a simple way to add some bling to a casual outfit. Pair a big cuff bracelet in a bright bold colour with that tank top when you hit the park. Or dress up that outfit for work with a chunky coloured necklace.

There you have it, just disguise it!

Jennifer Schanck is a 42 year mummy whose passion is fashion. Jennifer and her husband Mike live in Milton with their two kids, 6-year old Zackary and 4-year old Zoe. Between working full time, running her own part time jewelry & accessory home business, dealing with her husband’s 18-hour work day schedule, and playing baseball, she manages to look pulled together no matter what the occasion.

It’s all about having key pieces that work for your body type, having fun and great accessories and knowing where to shop! It’s about having fun, being fearless and finding your own style!