Four Easy Steps to Fashion Chic

Look Good, Feel Better

I will admit that I let myself go when my daughter was first born. And it still takes effort for me to dress in anything but sweat pants, tees or jeans even now that she is a year old.

It can be hard to motivate myself to look good, or at least presentable when I spend the majority of my day at home and inside. But I have a number of motivators to get gussied up when I am going out. As the person behind I don't want people to think "wow she's the Toronto shopholic? Why would I read her website?"

I will admit that sometimes my sense of style is better in theory than in practice—still I want to at least try and look the part. Plus, everyone should agree that when you look good you feel better about yourself.

Here are my tips to look good as a stay at home mom especially when you leave the house:

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