Celebrating Barbie

50 Years Of The Iconic Doll

Born in March 1959 to George and Margaret Roberts in Willows Wisconsin, she attended Willows High School and went on to have over 108 careers including astronaut, doctor, fashion model, firefighter and presidential candidate. She turns 50 this year and middle age has never looked so good – her face still unlined and smooth.  Botox?  Plastic surgery perhaps?

Who is this ageless fashion icon?  Barbie of course. 

Whether you love her or hate her, one thing is certain, Barbie is a true style icon wearing the trendiest of trends or being classically chic without apology.  She is in tune, in time and always in fashion.  Of course, that’s easy when you have over 70 top designers at your disposal.  It’s a glam world for Barbie being dressed by the likes of Calvin Klein and Anna Sui.

Let’s take a look at some of Barbie’s fashion statements through the years, shall we?

The Very First Barbie

Fashioned after 1950s stars like Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth and Elizabeth Taylor, the very first Barbie was set for a fun day at the beach in her strapless striped bathing suit, glam glasses and the ever so appropriate for the sand, open-toed shoes. 

Handsome man to carry her across the beach not included – Ken didn’t make his debut until 1961.

1961 Barbie Open Road 

Set to go on a road trip, this Open Road Ensemble featured a wide brim hat so Barbie can put down the hardtop and not worry about messy hair. 

And if she ever ran out of gas, she could always get a job as a Barber Shop pole.

1962 Barbie Red Flare

It’s all in the details.  This classic 60’s style ensemble mirrored First Lady Jackie Kennedy’s bouffant bubble cut, open toed shoes and glam gold clutch. 

But with those itty bitty feet and that big ol’ bouffant, how did Barbie keep from tipping over?

1968 Talking Barbie

For every little girl who ever wondered what was on Barbie’s mind, they got their chance to hear it in 1968. 

Turns out Barbie was much more interested in modelling and shopping then in the Apollo 8 moon voyage or the Vietnam war.

1971 Malibu Barbie

With long flowing locks, pearly white teeth and a tan, Barbie was the picture of health and the ultimate golden girl.  Luckily Barbie was made of plastic and would never wrinkle. 

The rest of us need sunscreen.

1972 Busy Barbie

Busy Barbie likes to entertain and took advantage of the modern conveniences of the time. 

It’s too bad nobody told her she doesn’t have to match her outfit to her television set.

Retro Barbie

Rollers skating to the BeeGees, blue eye-shadow and sequins.  The 80’s were all about over-the-top glam and glitter. 



























1983 Dream Date Barbie

As always, Barbie was ahead of her time when it came to fashion. 

A similar ensemble was recently seen on Dancing with the Stars.

1990 Fashion Barbie

A little bit Country, a little bit Rock n’ Roll? A cross between Dolly Parton and Olivia Newton John?  We’re not sure. 

There are just some fashion trends we’d rather forget.

1992 Totally Hair Barbie

Totally hot, totally cool, make it fun, make it now, hair so long it’s totally wow.  Totally Hair Barbie was the best-selling Barbie doll to date celebrating the big hair craze and loud fashion of the 90’s. 

She even came with her own Dep gel. 

1997 Harley Davidson Barbie

In 1997 Barbie took up a new hobby and headed out on the highway with her Harley. 

Or maybe she was just trying to spice things up for Ken.

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