Add Some Green To Your Closet

The Latest Eco-Friendly Fashion Materials And Where To Find Them

When looking for eco-friendly fashion, it’s easiest to start with materials that are known for their sustainability and ecologically-friendly characteristics. Three of the most widely used eco-friendly fabrics today are modal, bamboo, and organic cotton.

This fantastic grass that can grow up to 75 feet in only 60 days. It does not require the use of pesticides to thrive, so the soil in which it grows remains hospitable to future plant growth. Clothing made from bamboo is lightweight and soft with amazing wicking properties. It also blocks a high percentage of UV radiation. Designers using bamboo in their clothing include Lily McNeal and Grace&Cello.

100% biodegradable, Modal is made from the spun reconstituted cellulose of beech trees. Many designers work almost exclusively with modal because of its universally flattering “drape” and wrinkle-free properties. Designers known for incorporating modal into their garments include Rachel Pally, Saint Grace, and Gentle Fawn.

Organic Cotton
Certified organic cotton plants are required to be grown using reduced or no amounts of pesticides, insecticides, and other chemicals. Insecticides that are used are ones approved by regulatory agencies for organic farm use.

Organic cotton is fantastic for people with sensitive skin or allergies to the chemicals found in traditionally processed fabrics, as well as those who are concerned about the leaching of chemicals into the soil. Many designers, including Grace&Cello and DelForte denim, now use exclusively organic cotton in their lines.

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