How to Make Dressing for Holiday Parties Something to Look Forward To

Joe Fresh has you covered (and looking great.)


It's holiday party time again! We love the holidays for all the fun they bring (ahem, presents and cookies), but we know not everyone feels ready to face all the season brings. Stay silent any Friday evening around 7pm in a typical neighbourhood and listen closely. Can you hear it? It’s a soft, plaintive but expletive-laden cry something akin to “What in the &*%$ serious ^%&(% am I going to* ^#$%^ wear to this thing?” and it’s coming from women staring into their closets.  

The month of December could reasonably be named “Extrovert-ember” without much fuss from the people in charge of such things because it seems that all we do this time of year is move from get-together to get-together. (We’re sorry, introverts. You can have February and rename it Hiberbation-ary.) But no matter what the event, who the attendees, or where the venue, you know you’ll feel better (and up your fun factor substantially) if you are well prepared for it – and this includes your look. It’s true! - and while I lack the technical science bits to back this up – I feel qualified enough to say assuredly that if you need a feelings lifter, a pair of leather-look leggings are going to take you up a notch on the mood-meter. There’s something about looking your best that makes you feel your best and this is the time of year that is more apparent than any other. 

But first, a few things to remember about party-prep: 

1. Lean into it. No way is your partner going to buy your “can’t go; have a headache” excuse for the third year in a row, so make your peace with the fact that you are spending the afternoon with his distant relatives who have personalities of damp dishtowels. 

2. Get in the mood with music. Hit it 12-year-old girl style, and belt it out into a hairbrush. (Tip: watch for intruders holding cellphones. You do NOT want to become “Suburban Mom in Worn Terrycloth Bathrobe Sings Ariana Grande” with 34 million views on YouTube). We’ve listed some mood-makers below in our style suggestions. 

3. Visit Joe Fresh first. Their pieces are stylish, cut to fit real bodies, colourful, wash beautifully, and they are styled to move with you (so important for party-going clothes.) And there are so many ways to mix, match, and combine through season and event, that each piece is worth it’s already affordable price three times over. 

4. If you do fragrance, consider customizing it to your look. Even a dab of vanilla extract behind your ears (or tiny touch of bay spiced rum, and we are not even kidding) will flavour and enhance your look and take it truly next level. 

Since you will likely encounter several activities in the next few weeks, let’s break them down and get you ready for party season with zero stress. 

Office Holiday Luncheon with “The Big Boss”   

Ah, the once-a-year big boss appearance. You can do this, and you are going to look amazing. We highly doubt annual bonuses are based on party looks, but if they were, you’re getting 6 figures this year.  



“Gift Wrapping” Turned “Kitchen Dance Party”

Yes, we totally consider this regularly occurring event a party opportunity in its own right! Let the brightly coloured paper, house decorations, and smell of holiday baking sweep you away into a fun-filled, spontaneous dance party - that no one sits out! 



New Year’s Eve “In with the New!” Bold Extravaganza 

Whether you normally wear glitz or no, New Year's Eve is the one time each year we should all take it up a notch. Add some sparkly accessories or glitz and bling on your outfit to mkae sure you shine right through to next year. 



Holiday Family Open House 

Oh, family. No one inspires such.... strong feelings (both good and not-so-good) and the holiday open house is your chance to see everyone in one day. (If you're like us, you find this both exhilarating and exhausting.) Make sure you look and feel fab by choosing an outfit you are comfortable enough in so you can easily make all that small talk without worrying about what's riding up where.




Happy holidays - and happy partying!