The ABCs of Shopping for Your Kids' Back-to-School Clothes

Tips you need to make getting dressed on school mornings a breeze!

The ABCs of Back-to-School Shopping

Summer may be in full swing, but that means the back-to-school season is just around the corner. September brings a lot to look forward to: new routines, new schools, new friends to be made, and of course, new clothes! Getting ready to go back to school (or to school for the very first time!) can be exciting, overwhelming or downright terrifying depending on the day (or the child), so keep emotions in check by following these easy ABCs of back-to-school shopping that will make getting dressed in the morning a breeze:

"A" is for Attitude

Not the kind that lands your child in time out, but the kind that lets them express their personality. Let your kids pick clothes that speak to who they are as individuals. Giving them ownership over their style makes getting dressed more fun and seriously cuts down on morning tantrums. Have a fashionista on your hands? Have a fashionista on your hands? Pink high top sneakers covered in glitter may be just what she needs to waltz out of the house. I would have given my right leg to own these when I was a kid! Or do you have a budding rock star on your hands? A pair of skull and crossbones socks and this attitude tee should bring the necessary cool factor to any outfit.

Which brings us to another A – Accessories! There is no better way to spice up an outfit than with accessories. From socks to hats to headbands, accessories are an easy way to add personality (or change personality!) without breaking the bank. Because as all moms know, the most important A of all for back-to-school shopping is Affordability.

"B" is for Basics

When shopping for back-to-school clothes, make sure to stock up on lots of basic essentials – long sleeved T’s, leggings, and hoodies will be worn over and over (and over). For that reason alone, never skimp on quality when it comes to basics. Instead, find a brand you trust to provide quality craftsmanship that you know will last.

When I was a child, one of my new back-to-school outfits was always a practical pair of sweats. But just because something is a basic, doesn’t mean it can’t also be fun. Check out these sweat pants and warm zip-ups covered in glitter and pink (is there a theme here?). Again, buying clothes your kids love makes getting dressed easy and not a battle.

Another tip and another B: strike a Balance between solid basics and matching sets to maximize the number of outfits you and your child can mix and match and turn getting dressed into a fun morning game.

"C" is for Comfort

The "pain is beauty" fashion mantra some of us moms have learned to live by shouldn’t apply to our children. Foremost of all, back-to-school clothes should be comfortable and durable so your kid can focus on just being a kid: running around, exploring the world and learning their own ABCs. I adore jeggings: a combo of legging meets jean (which is actually a word defined in the dictionary). Both of my daughters wear jeggings constantly. They are easy to mix and match and more flexible for wiggly, little bodies on the move.

Another great C word to keep in mind when back-to-school shopping is Classic. There’s a reason something becomes a classic – that perfect pair of overalls, for example, will never go out of style. A preppy stripe or khaki pants will always look fashionably chic. And while your child might outgrow their clothes before we get to Z, quality classics make the best hand me downs.

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