What Happened to my Hair?

Hair loss at 30

What is the one thing in your life you may take for granted? Is it your health? Your youth? 

How about your hair? Yes, your hair.

At the vibrant age of 30, my six foot four, then boyfriend pointed out that my hair was getting thinner on top. What? My beautiful, sexy long brown hair was what attracted him to me in the first place. How could I be losing it?

In fact, he was right. After fretting about it for months, changing my diet, trying potions and lotions without any changes, I decided to visit my dermatologist. My worst nightmare came true. I had a genetic condition called androgenetic alopecia. Growing up, I always noticed my aunt’s thinning hair. I can remember thinking “wow, I hope that doesn’t happen to me”. It was.

I got busy doing research and discovered I wasn’t alone. Forty percent of women experience some form hair loss throughout their lives. It could be caused by one of the three different forms of alopecia, stress, diet or even hormones after giving birth. 

After spending a full two years researching my condition and my options, I selected a salon in Toronto that focuses on hair loss solutions for women. This fabulous place is called Continental Hair. My first few calls to Continental Hair went something like this:

“Hello. Continental Hair”


I never even thought of call display.

I couldn’t muster up the courage to make an appointment. Doing so would mean that I needed help, that I was losing my hair, that I was losing my femininity and sexuality.  I mean, c’mon, sure men look at boobs and butts but the first thing they notice is your hair.

As a life coach, I encourage my clients to be courageous and to live life to the fullest. I coached myself through the fear and made the call. My appointment was the next weekend.

Michael Suba, owner of Continental Hair, greeted me. He was so comforting, non-judgmental and positive.  After explaining my options, he recommended a temporary postiche (a customized hair piece attached to your hair).  I was so excited, despite Michael’s recommendation; I opted for a permanent postiche. After wearing my luxurious hair for a mere 18 hours, I called Michael crying.  I wasn’t ready for this commitment and for accepting the fact that I could never have big 80’s rocker hair again. He asked me to come in right away so we could remove my postiche and he would fit me with a temporary one.  Apparently Michael has witnessed this behaviour many times before.  It’s much easier to ease your way into wearing your postiche if you wear it in small intervals. Boy, he was right.

Eight years later, I am still in love with Continental Hair. I have a few temporary hair pieces that I wear on occasion but most importantly, I know that if I ever decide to wear a piece on a full-time basis, Michael is just a phone call away.

If you suffer from hair loss, I would love to hear your story. You can either post a comment to this blog or start a discussion at www.continentalhair.com/forum/

Jennifer Morozowich lives in Toronto, Ontario. She is a professional life coach motivating individuals to live their most fulfilled life. 

Jennifer is turned on by music, food, travel, new discoveries and spending time with close friends and family.

Jennifer does not have kids of her own but is “auntie Jenny” to 10 year old Amber, 5 year old Rachel, 3 year old Michaela and 5 month old baby Owen. Considering YummyMummy is a state of mind, Jennifer couldn’t be yummier. 

You can contact Jennifer at [email protected].