No Make-up!

Look Good Without Makeup: It Can Be Done!

A recent survey by a U.K. store ahead of a launch of a new make-up line showed some interesting results about how important make-up is in the lives of women. Three thousand women were questioned.

 70 % of the women never leave the house without applying some form of make-up

One of of five boyfriends have never seen their girlfriends without make-up, not even in bed.

41% of the women polled said they would be mortified if a colleague saw them without make-up.

One of of five said they would not let even close girlfriends see them without make-up.

One third would not even consider leaving home unarmed with a full grooming kit—including lip balm, eyeliner, deodorant, and hairbrush.

71% said they are much prettier with make-up on.

a quarter of women think their friends, family and colleagues would be surprised at how ugly they would look without make-up.

Everywhere we go, everywhere we look, we are bombarded with images of beautiful people, wearing beautiful clothes, selling the latest greatest gadgets. We are told how to dress, what to buy and how to look. The pressure to look a certain way is enormous, especially for women.

I'll admit that I am not immune to it, but most days I try not to care too much about it. I have never been someone who has to be the best-dressed or most beautiful person in a room. I rarely dress up or wear make-up. Did I just hear a collective gasp? Yes, that's right: I rarely wear make-up and when I do it is just the bare bones - mascara and lipstick or lip gloss.

To be honest, I think it has a lot to do with laziness and sometimes just being plain old tired. It's just not that important to me. I don't feel like I need make-up to be comfortable. I am not afraid to let the world know what I really look like au-naturale!

I know my philosophy goes against the grain. I mean, cosmetic companies would be sure to tell me that makeup brings out the real me, makes the real me *look better*. Maybe they are right but I'm OK with the real me as I am. The fact that my freckles hide a lot of my facial imperfections and blemishes also helps, but I really don't think there is anything wrong with wearing no make-up.

I have even gone to work without any make-up on. Oh yeah - you heard me right! Don't get me wrong, if I am going out to dinner or going out with friends I will put some make-up on, but even then it is just the basics. I might add a touch of blush to my cheeks for colour but that's about it.

It is amazing how many women in this survey are uncomfortable with their natural faces! And I'm sure the feelings are the same in the broader community.

It is almost liberating to not worry about make-up. While I am not completely there, I am on the road. I think about what my 70 year-old mom says about her natural face when we talk about make-up and cosmetic surgery. She says the lines, wrinkles and imperfections of her face are something to be celebrated; they show a life well-lived and all the years of love, life, loss and happiness.

Christy Laverty is a Mother of two wild and crazy girls and wife to a talented artist. Playing Mom and wife keep her busy by day, and in the evenings Christy is a editor for a Toronto all news radio station. Christy has spent about a decade in the news business, both in television and radio. She also finds time for a little freelance writing for several parenting magazines.

You can also check out Christy on her blog, where she updates the trials, tribulations, and fun of being Mother of two beautiful girls.