I Am Going To Be Bald

Post-Pregnancy Hair Loss

Many months ago when I was still pregnant with Zaid, I read and heard about hair loss post pregnancy. When Zaid turned three months old and I had not experienced any hair loss, I figured I was spared that one. But mere days later I was shocked to my core when showering, I looked down and found what looked like half of my hair in the drain. And ever since then, I have been losing my hair one clump at a time...

I don’t mind so much the hair loss, as I normally have a very thick hair and have always thought that it could use a little thinning. But what I do mind is how my whole living space is slowly being buried under that hair. My hair is everywhere! I find it in my clothes, in my food, in my bed, on the carpet; I even find hairs in my baby’s diaper sometimes. I don’t know whether he swallowed the hair and it ended up expelled in his diaper or if it just got caught in his “diaper area” while I was changing him, and stayed there until the next change. I'm not sure which one is worse!

I am tired of picking, vacuuming, brushing and pulling hair all day, every day. I sometimes fantasize about a new invention. A giant hair magnet that you can put in a room that sucks out hair from the depth of every nook and cranny into a giant woven ball that can then easily pick up and throw in the garbage where it will stay there forever. But with no such magical machine on the market I am reduced to having to pick, vacuum, brush and pull hairs from wherever I find them, which is everywhere.

I really cannot wait for this to stop. I don’t care about potentially going bald. I don’t care about when the hairs start to grow back forming short annoying stubble. I don’t even care about having hair that is so thick it looks like a jungle. I just want to stop finding hair on my fingers every time I touch my head, hair on my pillow every time I lay down to sleep and hair in my baby’s mouth every time I hold him and he gets a hold of my curls.

Oh and did I even mention that if this continues I am going to end up being bald?

Let’s add that to the list of post pregnancy state of things... I am out of shape, sluggish, stretch marked and perpetually dishevelled. And now I am also going to be bald. Don’t you just love having a baby?! I sure do...

Haifa Staiti is 27 years old and lives with her husband, Ben, (a Ph.D student in economics) and  6 month old son, Zaid, in Kitsilano, Vancouver. When she is not on maternity leave, Haifa works for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation as their grants manager. She is originally from the middle east but has been living in Canada for 8 years. Her husband is English/Irish/french Canadian Canadian and they plan on raising Zaid bilingually as well as bi-culturally! Haifa loves reading, walking and cooking is her passion.