How To Do Your Hair At Home

That's One Sexy 'Do!

When I was a child my mother wore rollers in her hair during the day. When I asked her why, she told me "I want to look good for your father when he comes home from work." It did the trick, since I'm one of seven children.

But her reply didn't really sink in until I'd been doing hair for many years and had talked to women about how well their partners responded when they came home with a fresh new 'do.

Variety is the spice of life. Changing up your hairstyle is a sure way to give yourself a lift. And there's nothing like the allure of pillow hair to get your partner's attention.

Here are a few easy tips to get you started:

Don't get stuck on trends. Start with a versatile cut that works with your hair texture.

Find a colour that's flattering for you and realistic for your hair whether its a solid colour, highlights, a rinse whatever. This keeps your hair looking great longer and with less effort.

Shine and condition always say you're healthy and ready for action. Try a gloss or a regular conditioning treatment. There are many excellent do-at-home products out there. My mother kept her hair in rollers, but if you can’t picture standing in line that way at the bank, leave your conditioner in for the day and wear your hair in a ponytail. If your hair is short, slick it back or use a hair band they're very fashionable right now.

For more drama, tuck a clip-on hairpiece into your own hair. They're super easy and many come already curled or straight so the works already done. For short hair, choose one that's mid-length for a more natural look.

Do not underestimate the power of the 'do. I promise, it'll be well worth a little extra effort!

Bill Angst is one of Canada's top celebrity hairdressers and style advisors, who says his best reward is helping to put a smile on someones face.

Passionately interested in every aspect of grooming, cosmetics and style for over thirty-five years, hes traveled the world doing editorial work for major Canadian businesses and retailers. At home, his articles and stories have been featured in Fashion Magazine and the Globe and Mail among many others. Bill's stylish flare and straightforward advice have made him a regular on Citylines Wednesday fashion commentary shows and his magical makeovers are audience favs on Fashion Fridays.

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