Get a Celebrity Makeup Look

If These Tools Aren’t Already in Your Makeup Kit, Get Them!

I’m a makeup artist – my clientele are mostly celebrities. When I put the word out to all of the yummy mummies I know about what they would want to know about celebrity makeup tips, the majority of answers fell into two categories; one was a list of celebrities who have a “look” they want to steal, the other was that it had to be quick!!

In order to get those Hollywood looks, here are a list of what I feel are “must-have” makeup tools/products to help create the look you want!  If they aren’t already in your makeup arsenal, get them!!

Makeup Brushes 
Sorry, ladies… but sometimes those little spongetip applicators that come with the eyeshadow you’ve purchased just don’t cut it!  Ideally, get the best set you can afford.  With proper care these brushes will last you upwards of 10 years!  (I love MAC Cosmetics brushes… they have great sets on sale around the holiday season… but many drug stores have some decent brushes as well!)  You probably need around 5 or 6 brushes to complete the set you’d need to do your whole face:

powder/blush brush (sort of a medium size, not too huge)
small angle brush (for eyeliner and brows)
medium flat paddle-shaped brush (for applying eyeshadows)
medium teardrop-shaped brush (for blending eyeshadows and doing a good crease)
a lip brush OR a small stiff brush for applying concealer
Eyeshadow Base 
I honestly don’t know what I’d do without this stuff.  It keeps your eyeshadow on with no creasing or fading for over 12 hours.  I’m not joking!!  It can be worn alone or under powder eyeshadows. 

I’d suggest MAC Paints in ‘Bare Canvas’ for lighter/medium skintones and MAC Paint in ‘Bamboom’ for darker skintones.  (The base should be a touch lighter than your skintone, or match it exactly… not darker).
Really Good Mascara
Seriously, why waste time doing your makeup when in an hour you have raccoon’s eyes?  Unless you are *actually* going for that Alice Cooper/Marilyn Manson look, get a good mascara.  Waterproof doesn’t necessarily mean smudge-proof; if you have oily skin chances are that waterproof mascara will be coming off (they are, after all, water-proof, not oil-proof.  Oil actually removes waterproof products).   Some brands that work well for me are KissMe Mascara (available at Sephora), L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara, and MAC Pro Lash.

Peach/Warm Toned Concealer
You may need a little help choosing your perfect shade, but your concealer should be slightly more peachy and not *too* much lighter than your own skin.  Peachy/warm concealer tones under the eyes help perk you up and hide dark circles!  I like MAC concealers with an “NW” tone, or Benefit’s Erase Paste concealers all come in peachy tones.

Lastly, depending on the look you are going for, you might want to consider:

Stay-on Lipstick
Colour that will stay put whether you are pecking Johnny Depp’s cheek on the red carpet or smooching your kid(s)!  Brands I like are MAC ProLongWear and L’Oreal Rouge Infallible lipstick.   Make sure you don’t have anything on your lips (like lipbalm of any sort) prior to using a stay-on or they won’t work properly!

These few must-haves will keep your makeup perfect for the whole day/night!

Lucky (yes, that’s her real name!) Bromhead has been painting faces for about 17 years.  After many years as a trainer for MAC Cosmetics, she’s currently the head makeup artist for MTV Canada. 

Lucky’s makeup has graced the faces of Zooey Deschanel, Jeff Goldblum, Sarah McLachlan, Cyndi Lauper, Elvis Costello, Hilary Duff, Lauren Conrad (The Hills), Kanye West, Jully Black, Tre Armstong (SYTYCD), Nikki Sixx, Jeanne Beker, Michelle Trachenberg, Keisha Chante, and Erica Ehm.  To see more of Lucky’s work, visit