Fall 2010 Makeup Trends

Check Out What's Popular This Fall

While out shopping for the perfect backpack and fall wardrobe for the kids, treat yourself to one of Fall 2010’s makeup trends!

Fall is my favourite season of them all. The start of a new school year for me always means time for a little ‘fall cleaning”. This purging of sorts, almost always includes going through my makeup bag. This fall, be inspired to go through your makeup bag and toss out the old, to make room for the new, trendy makeup that this fall season is offering.

I’ve chosen to highlight three of my favourite makeup trends for Fall 2010 for all you Yummy Mummies from lightest of skin tones to the darkest.

 Fiery Mummy

For all of you fair Mummies, try incorporating the ever so sexy red lip that is showing up everywhere this season. Select a red that has a cool, blue undertone to best flatter your porcelain skin, and make your teeth look their whitest. But don’t stop at the lips; add a bit of that red glow to the apples of your cheeks making them look gorgeous. Finish with mascara, and you are set to conquer the playground or boardroom! Perhaps even the bedroom!

Golden Mummy

For my lovely warm skinned ladies, I love the current autumn look of golds, coppers, and caramels which are so earthy and bright. Wear these colours smudged and blended together on the eye lids. You can easily use the same shades as eyeliner around the entire eye area. To finish off this look, I recommend lightly dusting and contouring your beautiful cheeks with your favourite bronzer and use a matte, nude tone on the lips. Golden and beautiful to match any fall outfit perfectly!

Bold Mummy

For the darkest mummies of them all, bring out all the stops and own a bold colour. Bright, bold, gorgeous blues and greens on the eyes are so au courant. These colours will make any brown eyed Mummy look exotic and gorgeous. Line the upper lash line with blue and the lower lash line with green to create a smoky look. Compliment the eyes with a subtle rose hue on the cheeks, and as a slight stain on the lips.


I recommend that you enjoy your new fall makeup look on a fun “Mummy’s night out” this fall!

Nicki Traikos has been a professional makeup artist for the last 10 years in Toronto.  Her most favorite aspects of working in the makeup world are; on a television production set, where she uses her air brush to create flawless HD makeup designs, and working with her personal clients teaching them how they can easily be their own makeup artist and apply makeup beautifully every day.

Nicki has appeared on television as a Beauty Expert on shows including Cosmetic Innovations and Daytime York Region, Rogers T.V.

As a busy mother of two, Nicki enjoys balancing the time she spends both with her makeup brushes and without!