Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Many of Us Strive to be Beautiful. But, What is Beauty?

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" - Plato

Many of us, no matter race, gender or religion strive to be beautiful. But, what is that?

There are always those few people who you see and instantly think, “Wow, she is beautiful.” But really, is that one person truly beautiful or do they simply have nice features?

I think that being beautiful is a package. If you're selfish, bitter and rude on the inside and stunning on the outside, I wouldn't consider you beautiful, I would call you pretty. I would call a kind, caring and happy person truly beautiful. You have to have the whole package.

To be truly beautiful, try not to think negative thoughts. If you think, “I'm going to have the worst day of my life” chances are, you probably will. If you're doing something and think, "this sucks!", your attitude will probably make it so. If you think “I'm so fat,” you will give off insecure vibes, and people have radar about stuff like that, like how dogs supposedly can smell fear. And low self-esteem is never beautiful.

But be careful to not think too highly of yourself either - don't think "I'm the best!" because you will come across as a little too cocky and that will be off-putting. Just be yourself and remember that you often get back what you give.

Now back to the quote “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” This really means that not one specific type of person is beautiful to everyone. Just how “one man's trash is another man's treasure”, you might find one person quite unattractive, but I bet they have a significant other that is eager for them to get home every night!

One other thing is that to be beautiful, you have to take care of yourself. Your body needs your help to be healthy and happy. You should have a routine of bathing, eating properly, exercising and making the right choices of what to do and what not to do. There can be negative consequences if you don't have proper habits and routines, the least of all having a bad hair day... you can get sick or worse!

Being beautiful isn't something you're just born into, like the monarchy -- it's something that you have to work on and improve at every day... whether it's just thinking a bit better about yourself or saying no to the cigarette and saying yes to the carrot. Also, I find that being happy a key ingredient to being beautiful, so try maybe throwing out a punch-line, a compliment or getting out and having a good laugh with some friends.

So Live, Love, Laugh, Learn, and strive to be TRULY beautiful.

Alexandra Rea is fourteen years old, lives in the ‘burbs west of T.O. Her dream is to become a famous actress and to play university-level volleyball.

At school, Alex enjoys student parliament, orientations and plays, school teams, athletic council and meeting new friends. In her time off, Alex plays rep-level ringette, soccer, volleyball, guitar, and is an avid reader. Her favourite places to be are Canada’s Wonderland, on stage, a volleyball court, or anywhere with friends!

Alex always tries to live life to its fullest and when others ask Why? Alex asks, Why not?