This is the Tupperware Party of the New Generation

Listen, I’m all for a good party, but maybe it’s best to stick with the tried and true.

In the 1950s, Tupperware parties were all the rage. Consultants would host parties and extol the life-changing virtues of plastic food containers while serving up spam gelatin molds and Lobster Newberg dip.

In the 60s and 70s, if there was a ring at your door it was quite possibly, Ding Dong, Avon calling. Fast forward to the 90s and you most likely attended a Partylite, candle party, or purchased kitchen cookware and tried tasty dips at a Pampered Chef party. And let us not forget the scrapbooking and sex toy parties of the 2000s (but not combined, because that would be awkward).

Direct sales parties continue to be a big business, but oh, how the times are a’changing. Out of the way, Mary Kay, there’s some new home parties in town.

In the, “Why Would Anyone Do This” category, there is the Pearl Party. This is where you, the attendee, purchase an oyster (or two, or three), for about $20 each. The host then opens the oyster(s) you purchased and you receive the pearl found inside.

It gets even better! While these parties used to be hosted in homes, they are now being done on Facebook Live. That’s right, you have to supply your own chips and dips to watch a stranger open an oyster. You then pay extra to have that newly exposed pearl mounted onto jewelry.

In the “Do You Really Want to Make Money Off Your Friends Like This” category (and if you live in the U.S.) you can start making money by drinking…. errrrr…. hosting wine tasting parties. Companies like Traveling Vineyard will supply you with everything you need to start your business in a bottle. Or you could just invite girlfriends over to drink wine, the old-fashioned way.

Finally, in the “Don’t Ever Do This” category we have Botox/ filler parties.

I’m totally cool with people using Botox and fillers, but for the love of all that is good, get that sh*t done by a professional. Botox and fillers are medical procedures, and even when done in a sterile medical setting, things can go wrong.

Add in alcohol and non-professionals? It’s a recipe for disaster. This woman almost lost her lower lip when an esthetician injected lip filler into a blood vessel.

Most tattoo parlors won’t let you get a tattoo if you’ve been drinking, so why would anyone ever think injecting things into their face when alcohol is involved is a good idea?

Listen, I’m all for a good party, but maybe it’s best to stick with the tried and true.

Back-to-school is just around the corner and I need some new Tupperware.



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