It's Time to Bust These Skin Care Myths

Does this article tingle? That means it's working!

Skin Care Myths Busted

Warm weather seasons are a great time to evaluate your skin care needs. As the weather warms and the humidity rises the skin care used all winter long can be inappropriate for the upcoming hot season. As you go shopping be wary of some sales pitches which are used to part you from your money.

Here are several skincare myths in need of busting:

Natural Means Safe

All natural does not me allergy free and synthetic does not mean toxic. There are great ingredient on both sides of the scale. The movement toward better quality ingredients is commendable, but the reality is there is a lot of confusion about just what constitutes a “chemical.” In some circumstances synthetic ingredients are a better choice for purity, safety and effectiveness. What’s most important to know is that “chemical” is a misleading word when associated with skincare.  Everything is a chemical.  Even water.

Tight Skin Means Clean Skin

When the skin’s pH is compromised it feels tight. If the skin’s pH is compromised it means it’s damaged. Skin should never feel uncomfortable. When the pH is compromised a whole host of issues arise. Skin pH should be maintained at 5.5. Anything less and the skin will become irritated, anything higher and the skin cannot maintain the acidity level required to keep out bacteria, microbes and viruses.

Expensive Means Better Quality

Formulation is all that matters with skincare. Ingredients don’t come in different grades. Choose based on the formula not the price point. Always buy the best quality you can afford. It is very possible to find great products at budget prices and it is very possible to pay premium prices for poor quality. 

Pores Open and Close

Pores do not have muscles and cannot contract and expand. In fact, pores are always open. If they closed then it would cause system wide suffocation. Steam won’t open pores and toners don’t close them. To keep pores looking refined use a great exfoliator and gently buff the skin on a daily basis. 

Tingling Means It’s Working

Skincare products should never cause any sensation on the surface of the skin. Tingling cooling, stinging or any other physical sensation indicates skin damage. The idea that the skin should get worse before it gets better is so counter intuitive.

Make Up Causes Acne

Removing make up before bed dispels this myth – in fact quality make up I designed to protect and treat the skin. Removing it every night prevents any bacterial growth. Bacteria causes acne. So keep make up brushes clean, replace old products regularly and always wash your face before bed!




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Dan Thompson has spent many years as a cosmetics industry insider revealing the untruths told by the cosmetic companies. He is a constant media source as an industry expert and continues to lecture around the world including North America, Europe and the Middle East. Dan has helped develop numerous cosmetic brands and in 2008 launched Daniel Thompson Beauty.

Dan will expose the beauty myths the cosmetics industry is selling you every day and reveal the lipstick at a time.