Losing Your Hair and Losing Your Sanity

The Simple Beauty Struggles of New Moms

What happens when the glow is gone?

One in four women say that they've changed their hairstyle as part of a "reinvention," a makeover for the soul, if you will. But some hair changes are better than others, and we don't just mean a particularly regrettable perm. For some postpartum moms, hair loss can become a serious problem.

In general, the average head loses around 100 hairs a day, but since it doesn't happen all at once or all in the same spot, it usually isn't noticeable. However, when you're pregnant, that can change.

Le sigh.

All those pregnancy hormones floating around your body initially prevent your hair from falling out, which is why your hair may look lusher than ever before. But this changes all too quickly once you deliver. Suddenly, your hormones go back down to normal and all that extra hair drops off your head.

Sadly, that isn't the only thing that will potentially change once you have a baby. Here are some other cosmetic changes that are to be expected post-pregnancy.

Itchy skin

Typically speaking, pregnancy and skin issues go together like peanut butter and jelly, except a PB&J has never made anyone cry. Some women notice dark spots popping up, other have flaky skin, and some even develop eczema. Even more often, new moms have to deal with an itchy scalp. These issues can stay around for a few months after birth, so to prepare for the worst, keep some gentle exfoliants and thick cream on hand so you don't feel too much like a T-rex.

An overproduction of oil

While some lucky women have that lusted-after pregnancy glow, others may suffer from over-eager oil glands due to those aforementioned extra hormones in the body. The best way to handle all the greasiness? Shampoo daily (your hair will forgive you), and keep your hair off your face at all times so you don't breakout.

Dull hair

Basically, all that hair that was making your hair look like a supermodel's is now falling off and you are left with spotty, thin hair. You've gone from lush to lackluster. It's a good idea to stay extra gentle with your hair as it slowly grows back. Stay away from washing as much as you can, swap out shampoo for only conditioner, and stay far, far away from heat tools.

Don't worry, there is a silver lining, as these skin and hair conditions are not permanent. Plus if anyone asks, you can just say this is the avant garde look all the Parisian moms are going for nowadays. No one will know, right?

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