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last week, Vogue announced that Paltrow had indeed partnered with Juice Beauty, to create Goop by Juice Beauty. | Skincare | YummyMummyClub.c

Gwyneth Paltrow, the queen of high-end retail and low-carb parenting, has graced her legions of adoring fans with yet another way to emulate her unrealistically fabulous lifestyle. In the beginning of 2016, there were murmurs that Paltrow had plans to release an organic skin care line, and last week, Vogue announced that Paltrow had indeed partnered with Juice Beauty, to create Goop by Juice Beauty.

So what's the deal with Goop by Juice? While it hardly sounds like something you'd want to slather on your face, Paltrow claims the cosmetics are extremely nutritious for the skin, with the products containing a whopping 99% of organic ingredients.

“We absorb 60 to 80 percent of what we put on our skin,” she told Vogue. “So the idea that you’re exercising and trying to eat well and then slathering yourself with chemicals, parabens, and silicones — it’s not great.”

Goop by Juice Beauty will comprise a full range of skin care products, from cleansers to concealers to everything in between. And according to Paltrow, it took her an entire year — and, no doubt, the souls of several interns — to formulate the all-natural anti-aging products.

In a recent interview with Glamour, the actor laid down the dirty deets on her organic products and her general predilection for perfectionism.

"There's no point in making something unless it's better than anything you've ever found. So I gave everyone [at Juice] a run for their money. My head of beauty started calling me the Princess and the Pea; one time we agreed on a sample, and I said, 'Perfect.' Then another sample of it came, and I was like, 'They changed it.' Some preservative changed, I could tell, and they were like, 'Sh-t.' But in the end, I'm proud of what we were able to do. This is effective, luxurious, and completely organic…. You could eat it."

The list of ingredients in Goop by Juice products does, in fact, read like the menu of some pretentious vegan cafe: organic castor seed oil, rosemary leaf extract, grape buds, bitter orange, and organic apple juice (the fruit, not the kid).

According to The Gloss, the products's prices are reflective of Paltrow's Hollywood income bracket, with the cleanser costing around $111 CAD, and the night cream going for $194 CAD.

You do have to give Gwynnie credit, though, for knowing her market. From crow's feet to acne — which is, believe it or not, still the most common skin disorder, even among adults — there are a host of complexion-related concerns that cause women of all ages to squint woefully into their makeup mirrors. The idea that we can fix our blemishes and bumps by forking over cold, hard cash is one that many of us still buy into, even knowing that the best skin care line on the planet can't stop the inevitable signs of aging.

And, given that Paltrow has previously invented — err, tackled — such topics as vagina steaming and conscious uncoupling, Juice by Goop might be her most sensible venture to date.

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