3 Sassy Holiday Party Looks for Short Hair

Festive Styles to jazz up that mom cut!

3 Sassy Holiday Party Looks for Short Hair

A few months ago I chopped off my long hair. I even went as far as shaving a portion of the left side. I'm a girly-girl at heart, but I wanted something sassy. What I didn't expect was the learning curve when it came to styling. Short hair isn't always the easiest to style, especially for a night out. That's why I'm really excited to share three looks that will give you sassy styles for upcoming parties this holiday season. 

For each of the looks below, I used Goody's Simple Styles Kits. Each kit includes all the accessories you need to create the hairstyle you want, plus instructions on how to get from un-sassy to sassy in just 3 steps!

Before you start, be sure to follow these "Short Hairdo Must-Dos":

  • Start with clean, dry, straightened hair. 
  • Use the Goody Quickstyle Brush to help with drying. It's like a towel just for your hair. I love it because I don't have to spend as much time under the hairdryer (it saves me some major frizz as well).
  • For all three styles, start out with large rollers. You know what they say: the bigger the hair, the closer to God! I love big hair so I used Goody's Beach Waves Kit. I arranged all three large velcro rollers to frame my face and one smaller one in the back (where my layers are shorter).  

To put in the rollers, spray your hair with volumizing product and roll with the roller on top of your hair and roll backwards. Do this before attempting all three of the following looks.

Holiday Style #1: Sleek and Sexy 

This is the easiest look of the three, it's also my go-to party look.

  1. Toss a little texturizing powder in your hair and brush through with the Goody Ouchless Brush. This brush is awesome because it prevents 55% of hair breakage, which is exactly what I need during the dry winter climate here in Northern BC. Another bonus? The ball tips won't fall off or scratch your head. It has FlexGlide Bristle technology for a smooth brush that will remove tangles without damaging your tresses.
  2. Once your hair is smooth, add a little hair serum and that's it. You have a two-minute hairstyle thanks to the Goody Beach Waves Kit you used earlier. Once the rollers come out, style, add serum, and spray.

Holiday Style #2: The Gibson Roll

I love the Goody Simple Styles Gibson Roll Kit because the headband adds a little pizzazz to your whole look. It's also really easy to do! I didn't have quite enough hair to completely pull it off, but another inch or two and I'll be rocking this look all the time. It's perfect for holiday parties or a quick pick-me-up for car pool!

  1. Add texturizing powder, brush it through and get your accessories from the Gibson Roll Kit ready.
  2. Place the headband on your head with the elastic part on top of the hair.
  3. Start on one side of your head and wrap small sections around the headband.
  4. Pin any loose ends with the provided bobby pins.

Holiday Style #3: The Downtown Bun

In this look, I used the Slideproof Elastics and the Downtown Bun Kit

  1. Use the Goody Ouchless Brush to gather your hair and arrange it all on the left side of you head. Make a tiny ponytail with the Slideproof Elastic. The elastics hold strong, I only had about an inch of hair in there and it wasn't falling out. I love that feature of all the Slideproof products, the thicker headbands even have a wave of silicone applied to them as well, so your style stays put all day long!
  2. Take a few bobby pins and pin back the flyaways, if your hair is longer than mine use the U-Pins provided in the kit to create a bun.
  3. Finish the look with the flower from the kit. I love this because it hid my little stump of a ponytail. I am finally able to enjoy an elegant up-do with only a few inches of hair!

You can find a great selection of Goody products for your styles at Walmart, Loblaws, Jean Coutu, and London Drugs.

I hope you like my three holiday party look ideas! Now your short hair is ready for all the celebrations the festive season brings!

Randa is a work-at-home mom who resides in Northern, British Columbia. When she's not chasing her four-year-old son and scrubbing crayons off the wall, she's blogging over at The Bewitchin' Kitchen. She loves to cook, travel, has a passion for health and wellness and enjoys to sit on the patio during the summer with a glass of riesling.