Spill It!


Motherhood is messy.  Stuff gets spilled. 

We created YMC where women with kids can vent, laugh, share opinions, teach and be heard.  This is your chance to spill it with other like-minded moms….even the messy stuff.  It’s time to lower the bar and stop striving to be perfect.  Sometimes just getting through the day is good enough. 

Our stories are written by moms, for moms.  At YMC you’re the expert.  But you don’t have to write an article to spill it.  Chat in our forums, leave comments, share your stories and create conversation.  Your opinion is important. 

And if you like to stay behind the scenes and just read what’s going on, we’re cool with that too.  But we’re always here the moment you want to jump in. 

This is your time to take a few moments for some much needed adult stimulation, even if it means locking yourself in the bathroom with your laptop.

Spill it!  ‘Cuz every mom could use some help cleaning up.