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We've partnered with SodaStream to bring you great information on how to stay hydrated. Here's where the facts mentioned in our posts came from...


Stay Hydrated: 5 Smart Habits You Need to Start Today - by Sarah Remmer, RD

"Dietitians of Canada recommends that adults consume two to three litres of hydrating fluid per day."  - Dietitians of Canada

"44% of Canadians don't think they drink enough water." - Leger Consumer Survey (October 2014)

"Half of Canadians are drinking less than five glasses of water a day." - Leger Consumer Survey (October 2014)

"Having a SodaStream at home has been shown to increase Canadians’ water intake." - Toluna QuickSurvey Online Panel (May 2015)


Your Favourite Drinks May Be Sabotaging Your Fitness Goals - by Dara Duff-Bergeron

"...with most of us consuming only five glasses of water per day, on average." - Leger Consumer Survey (October 2014)

"The Dietitians of Canada recommend we drink between 2.2-3 L of fluids per day." - Dietitians of Canada


Here's Why Drinking Enough Is Water Such a Big Deal - by Dr. Kim Foster

"...studies show that 52 percent of us aren't drinking enough water." - Leger Consumer Survey (October 2014)

"The Dietitians of Canada recommend that Canadians should consume 2 – 3L of fluids per day..." - Dietitians of Canada

"75 percent of Canadians drink 1-3 more glasses of water per day when they have a SodaStream sparkling water maker at home..." - Toluna QuickSurvey Online Panel (May 2015)