The YMC Team

Who is YMC?

YMC is the lens through which Canadian women with kids find inclusive, intelligent, unfiltered stories and opinions, as well as the little things to help them win their day. 

Erica Ehm created YMC in 2007 as a place for moms to celebrate and commiserate the realities of modern motherhood, while trying to balance life as more than someone's exhausted mom.
As the site grew, so did the team of talent behind it. 

Erica Ehm is the Owner/Publisherand Creative head of YMC. After giving birth to her son, she wasn’t busy enough so she created YMC as a playful place for women to celebrate and commiserate the realities of modern motherhood. It’s now grown into a community of like-minded women who spill their stories, secrets and opinions and connect with other moms.

Jen Charron is our VP of Innovation, keeping us organized while building our business. She's a whiz at creating systems and controlling the chaos but she's also fun and can out-dance us all when she’s not busy running the business side of YMC.

Maija  Craig goes full force in everything she does. You may know her as "Canned Soup Mom" but behind the scenes at YMC she’s in charge of Business Development and Client Services and is the first person that clients connect with when they want to work with YMC. When she’s not working or cooking up budget-friendly meals in the kitchen, you’ll find her shuttling her three kids to various activities, and working on her goal of traveling to every province and territory in Canada.

Sharon DeVellis joined our dream team after winning Canada's Yummiest Mummy competition and has worked at YMC since the beginning. She is now the Senior Writer and Writer Community Manager, maintaining the voice of the website while helping our 50+ writers come up with great content for you.

Jeni Marinucci is YMC Editor-in-Chief. She edits and curates every single piece of content on YMC to showcase the fabulous tapestry of stories you read, while writing her own stories on "The Panic Button Years." She is mom to a school-age son who wants all her attention, and a teenage daughter who wants anything but. She has a guilty conscience, a love for humour, and a questionable home-haircut.

Karen Elliott is our Web Strategist and Technical Support. Karen has everything to do with keeping the technology of YMC up-to-date and creating images that capture the essence of every story you see on YMC.

Gwen Leron is our brilliant Content Production Manager. She brings to the table an eye for detail and a brain filled with creativity balanced out with a splash of humour and a love of Netflix. If you’re here reading it, chances are Gwen built it or managed it.

Jenn Howe is the Program Performance Manager at YMC. That means she’s in charge of ensuring our sponsored programs perform well and when a program is over, she creates an amazing report for the client. While most people think she's somewhat quiet, it’s really due to her East Coast roots where she was brought up to only speak when she had something intelligent, funny, or constructive to say.

Candace Derickx wants us all to be one big happy family which is why she’s perfect for the position of Social Media Manager. When Candace isn’t busy sharing #YMCCommunity blogs with the world, she’s managing the social media side of YMC programs. When you meet Candace, be prepared to smile because she has a way of bringing out the best in all of us.

Katja Wulfers is the Sales Administrator at YMC. When she isn’t writing letters of agreement and proposals, you’ll find this cheese lovin’ gal taking beautiful photos from her daily hikes or at the barn riding horses. And if you want to get on her good side...a baguette is always a great place to start.

Susie Moshenberg is our Prizing Coordinator. We give out hundreds and hundreds of prizes each year and Susie is the one who keeps it all organized. If you've ever won a prize, Susie is the awesome woman who's contacted you. So if you see [email protected] in your inbox, open that email immediately!  She loves to give good news.