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It wasn’t too long ago when moms would alternate houses to meet for coffee at a kitchen table while the kids played in another room. It was their time to bitch, gossip, vent and share.  A sense of community was as close as your nearest neighbor.  

Fast forward a few decades and multitasking moms are busy raising kids, meeting in boardrooms, running businesses and riding the roller coaster of modern motherhood. While meeting up in a friends kitchen might not be the norm, you can still have that sense of community online at YMC. Here’s how…
Leave Comments
Read something you loved?  Completely disagree with a blogger’s post?  Leave a comment and get the conversation started!
Rant Or Rave
Part of being in the club is being able to have your say. Your feedback is important to us.  So don’t hold back, we wanna hear what you have to say...the good, the bad and the ugly.
Write An Article
YMC is written by moms for moms – some are experts, some are passionate about a topic and others just love to write, but all of you have a story to tell so spill it!
Take Part In Forums
Coming soon... The perfect place to get to know other like-minded women when you get a break in your day. Ask questions, offer advice or just chat--think of it as your kitchen table with coffee only online.
Work With Us
If you have a blog you update at least once a week, you can be involved in product reviews, sampling opportunities, sponsored programs, contests, networking and even events.  Share your opinions, network and build your brand in between loads of laundry, caring for kids, running to meetings and helping with homework.
Send Us Your Tips

Every month we’re giving away a prize for the member who sends in the best tip.  If you have a tip you want to share that’ll help make life a little bit better for our multitasking members, send it in.
Submit An Event
Planning an event you want other mums to know about? We can spread the word to our members and it doesn’t cost you a cent.
Participate In Polls
This is your chance to weigh in on topics that have mummies buzzing.
Ask An Expert

Gotta question and you can’t get an answer? Submit it and we'll hunt down an expert who can answer it for you.
Be An Expert
The Yummy Mummy Club is all about networking. If you're an expert in your field and wanna help us answer our readers' questions, we'll happily promote you on our website.
Shop Yummy
Got a business you want to share with other mummies? Advertise on Shop Yummy.