Mom with kids running through fountain
Special occasions have brought me so much more joy since my breast cancer progressed to stage 4 last year, but at the same time, they’ve been harder.
teens sitting in a circle all using a form of technology
Some 32% of teens say social media has had a mostly negative effect on people their age.
by: Amber Mac

Mom folding blanket in nursery while smiling directly at the camera
There's something incredibly lonely about motherhood and running your own business simultaneously that is hard to describe.
baby piglet looking directly at camera, sitting in straw
Different kids have different narratives to help them through scary times.
by: Amy Kelly

You sign your child up for a sports team, submit payment, and then pause as your eyes scan the website copy – they need parent volunteers.
Highly competent women have an amazing capacity to do it all until they don’t.
by: Amy Kelly
Gold Balloon Numbers 40
Use this decade (and every decade) for self-reflection and to own who we are.
A Heart and Brain on a Scale
We need to shut out the consistent flow of information and curated mommy images to get to an embodied sense that we are, in fact, enough.
by: Amy Kelly