Losing Your Job in a Pandemic
Losing your job is hard enough, but to lose your job only a few months before a pandemic is a whole new level. 
Pregnancy and Fitness: You're Working Harder Than You Think
We can’t exercise at the same intensity levels as before and it feels like a step backward. But that thinking is wrong.

learning how to manage your finances
What used to completely paralyze me with fear, now makes me feel empowered. Finances aren’t so nerve-wracking when you hold the power to reduce your debt.
by: Alex Thom
Erica Ehm Gets the AstraZeneca Vaccine
The moment had arrived. The moment that seemed impossible only a year ago when developing a COVID vaccine seemed like an impossibility.
by: Erica Ehm

With gyms and fitness centres opening and closing throughout the pandemic, walking is how many of us are getting our exercise over this past year.
Natural Egg Dying
Add colour to your Easter eggs the natural way using fruits, vegetables, and spices.
Mini Egg Shortbread Cookies
Make Easter even sweeter with these simple to make cookies that look as good as the taste.
by: Alex Thom
A year in, and I’m fresh out of parenting.