Mompreneur Advice from Clare Kumar

A Runner-up Winner of the YMC UPS Mompreneur Contest

All across the country, moms are raising families while running a business so YMC and UPS teamed up to find Canada's Most Inspiring Mompreneurs! Our panel of judges were blown away by the amazing submissions but finally narrowed it down to the six winners. Here's one Runner-up Winner's story and her advice for other Mompreneurs.

It took me some time to realize it, but my cubicle was killing me.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, I worked in the corporate world for many years. A fulfilling job would make cubicle confinement somewhat less torturous, dulling the pain to a low throb rather than a raging migraine, but the effects would always be there.

It wasn’t until I was able to work from home for a major telecom company that I realized how effectively I could manage my life and work from this new vantage point. 

Working from home helped me in two ways:

I could manage my time better and get more done. I traded a 90-minute commute for a trip to the gym, a networking lunch or time with my kids. I doubled up tasks. You can fold a serious number of socks on a 3-hour conference call!

 I got enough light. My energy and spirit was immediately boosted even in dark months.

While on my second maternity leave in Montreal, I started an organizing business part-time. I found that bliss at work is the ability to use your unique talents to be of service to other. Bliss in life is deciding how and where you will spend your time.

Soon we had to relocate to Toronto and I let my new mortgage drive me back into the rat race. I fought for but lost my fight for workplace flexibility. In 2008, I courageously kicked my cubicle to the proverbial curb and committed to running Streamlife full-time. 

I now inspire and guide others to live an organized lifestyle, for productivity as much as peace of mind. Why? Because I firmly believe in making the most of life, and an organized lifestyle lets each person give their best to the world.

I can dial up or down to be as present and engaged with my children as I need to be. I’m proud to be a role model to them—to follow their passions, to work hard, to be of service to others, to make time for play and to strive to be independent. 

To my fellow entrepreneurs: in the elusive quest for “balance” step back and review how effectively you’re investing your time between work, family, romance, health, play, wealth, personal growth and your environment. Take action to improve weak areas to live your most fulfilling life.

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Hi, I'm Clare. This is some of what I do...

Chief Organizer at Streamlife®, an organizing company. Naturally organized in many ways, and an equally natural lover of things, I constanty work to strike the balance between the comforts of stuff and the simplicity of life with less. You can catch me on The Marilyn Denis Show.

President of Flo Collection Inc, the company behind Pliio™ - the fastest way to fold, file and find your clothes.  I'm thrilled to be launching the product I co-developed with inventor Yuriko Zakimi, on HSN, the Home Shopping Network, on March 22, 2012.

Mum to two wonderful kids - one, a minimalist boy who comes up with even better ways to organize things and simplify his life and the other, a perpetually happy-in-the-moment girl, who inspires me to come up with better reasons on why living organized is worth the investment.

Lover of miniature dachshunds, and in particular my french-kisser, Gaspard

Wannabe singer and lover of karoake.