How Not To Keep Your House Clean

Embrace The Mess

messy room, messy house

NOTE: Please don't share these photos with my mother or mother in law.

I know what you are thinking.... I am a slob right? Well, I have news for you. I am the opposite of that. I am sort of a neat freak. Sort of... before having kids I made my bed every day and one of the only things I ever fought about with my husband was how I did more house work then he did. Then we had a kid and there was a whole lot more to argue about.

Now we have two kids and for the most part we are a pretty united front because we know we are OUTNUMBERED. However, occasionally Rob (my husband) gives me a hard time about being on the computer too much and ignoring my family duties (and ummm my family but that's another story).

I really wanted to get some blogging done the day these photos were taken so I sent him and my oldest son off to the store to buy subs for lunch because none of us felt like cooking. My other younger son was sleeping so I had the house to myself and it was quiet and I just blogged my face off. Term coined by said husband. It was awesome. Then they came home and I was ordered off the computer.

We ate together standing up (because there was really no room to sit anywhere) and then we all ordered each other to clean up. We all pitched in but I still think I did the most work. But I guess that is up for debate. I can remember once when a friend told me to leave the mess until someone else cleans it up. I said I could never do that. I am too type A for that. She said you have to do it. Eventually, they (the family) will get too sick of looking at the mess to and it will get cleaned up. I am happy to show you with photographic evidence that she is right. Eventually, if you let it get bad enough your whole family will realize that they too have to pitch in and help clean up.

The mess doesn’t bother me as much anymore. What I do care about is - 1) My family 2) My friends 3) My feaders 4) Really good cheese & a tall glass wine 5) My laptop & gadgets.

So tonight I am going out to dinner with my friends and husband. My boys have gone to their grandparent’s house overnight and I plan on raising a bit of hell & of course my wine glass. I need to blow off some first week back to work steam

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