Why Direct Sales Jobs Totally Rock

This Ain’t Your Momma’s Tupperware Party

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I have a confession to make: I am a direct sales snob—or at least I was until about six years ago. As a hardcore city girl at heart and geeked out PR chick, I simply didn’t get it. I am willing to bet you may not either, because you totally envision the Tupperware party your mom dragged you to as a kid.  

The home party of years past is long gone and has been replaced by fun social gatherings, classes, online events, and so much more.  You can buy pretty much anything from funky jewelry to kitchenware, and most of these companies offer on-trend, high-quality products. Today’s direct sales organizations totally rock.

And I should know. Five years ago, I accidentally joined a direct sales company (stamping and scrapbooking company Stampin’ Up) because I wanted a free product. At the time, I told my consultant I wanted to quit as soon as possible because (insert snark here) “there was no way I was selling anything.” 

At the time, my reality was that I had a busy PR consultancy, a small child, and a busy life, not to mention a major misconception about direct sales. I ended up staying for the discount, but what I found was so much more than I ever expected. Five years later, I am still a consultant, and can’t imagine my life without this experience. I am truly so much better for it.

Here's why direct sales totally rocks for customers and consultants:

  Convenience: The way we shop has changed radically in recent years, and direct sales makes shopping easy. It's as simple as reading a catalog or picking out items on a web site and order. No running around, no parking issues, and no need to do your hair. Plus, working with a consultant is like having a personal shopper who helps you make smart decisions and answers any questions you may have.

  Relationships: Over the years, I’ve watched many of my customers become friends, secure jobs, and more through people they’ve met at my classes and home parties. Everyone can use a night out regardless of the items being sold. On a personal level, many of my customers, my team, and fellow consultants have become close friends that I absolutely adore. I certainly wasn’t looking for friends, but I am grateful for these women in my life.

  A Sense of Accomplishment: Teaching papercrafting is something I get to see first-hand when someone learns a new technique or creates a new card. This sense of accomplishment can be seen across the direct sales industry especially with the consultants. When I left my Account Director position with one of Canada’s leading agencies to start my own freelance PR business, I never imagined that I’d miss being rewarded for a job well done. For me, direct sales has filled that gap with financial rewards, amazing trips and countless other perks.

Next time your neighbor or aunt invites you to a home party, give direct sales a chance. Go easy on your consultant as she’s probably just a mom like you who’s working for a living. And if you’ve got an entrepreneur in you waiting to come out, check out all the direct sales opportunities out there and see where it may take you. Most of all, remember that direct sales totally rock—you just didn’t know it until now.

Maggie is a crafty PR pro who can be found helping entrepeneurs and businesses find fame and fortune, or hidden away in her crafting mecca making the world a sparklier place one card at a time. 

Always an overachiever, she runs two successful businesses, one as a PR Consultant (www.maggiepatterson.com and the other teaching women across Canada the art of papercrafting (www.ilovepapercrafts.com). She is passionate about communications of all kinds and the power of sending a hand made card.  

She is the #1 consultant in Canada for direct sales company Stampin' Up, which is a subject of much derision amongst her friends and family.  Which truly is proof that anyone can be crafty and she is the perfect person to teach you how.  

Mom to the eight year old lego king and her mini me, she is happily married to the ultimate man in uniform. Who, by the way, seriously deserves a medal for putting up with all the crazy that goes on running two businesses. 

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