How Moms are Making Money and Positive Change

Running In Heels

women running in high heels

The Mommy Inc. movement is unstoppable—and for good reason. For the first time in history, WOMEN have the tools to do what they love and not at the sacrifice of who they love. With access to education and the most powerful communication tool in history, the Internet, has ensured we finally have equal footing.

It takes planning, intention, and clarity, but we women know: You can run in heels.

Today's Savvy Mom needs to balance babies and business plans and look good doing it—so how does she do it? The secret to Mompreneur success is taking your reality from a "Me First" world to a "We First" world.

You're probably asking yourself, "What is she talking about?" Let me explain:

When we see a woman who seemingly "has it all", why is it that we feel a little twinge of envy or worse, resentment? FEAR is always the answer—and always the area where we need the most work. But where does this fear come from?

Fear of the the success of others comes from the delusion of SCARCITY or LACK.

GREAT NEWS! You can change this right now!

Look around you: this is an abundant universe that is driven to create, expand, and regenerate. You are a part of that. Drop the lone soldier approach now, and eliminate this false fear. Soon you will tap in to the REAL riches of this life, and yes—start to see them in your bank account, lifestyle, health, and attitude.

Don't be afraid of the success of others; cheer them on and see it as a reminder that you too can enjoy a better quality of life. Take Dragons' Den diva Arlene Dickinson for example. This single mom of four overcame a lack of training and education to build an empire. She graduated at sixteen, married at nineteen, and divorced by twenty-eight. With fearless vision, she has quickly become a symbol of female entrepreneurship and a powerful ally to women entrepreneurs world-wide. Many Mompreneurs have benefited from her compassion and wisdom—because Arlene "gets" that we are all connected. Do you?

Here is how you can boost you business, sales and, quality of life RIGHT NOW and connect to your bigger success!

 You must L.O.V.E and share what you do

  • Laugh at the setbacks
  • Optimize your time
  • Vanquish negative talk about yourself and others
  • EnJOY your work

  If you don't love what you right now do start with changing HOW you do.

If there is no vision or purpose driving your business, it will struggle and likely fail. If you have fallen out of love with your work, try to change the way you work if you can not change the work.

  • Change your hours
  • Change your environment
  • Change your mission
  • Change your attitude to gratitude

  The Support Network

I love all the Mompreneur mega-watts I am seeing out there these days. Things have changed in the last decade! Now more than ever there are so many great mentors and examples to inspire women to follow their calling and pursue that business idea.

I am speaking at the Mompreneur Conference and Awards March of 2013 and I believe every business owner needs to join a positive business community—it can be transformational.

  Get the tools and learn how to use 'em!

I hear this from a lot of my clients: "But I don't know what my dreams are anymore," and, "I don't know how to do this."

I feel ya—that was me too at one time. Until—a few life-changing experiences and decisions pushed me hard enough to learn. You can end the cycle right now and join me this March for my afternoon intensive: Renovate My Life.

Take it from me or my clients—everything will change—for the BETTER.

Until then—here is a free tip on on me!

  Try this: Every day around noon, take a break. Visualize life in the form of an abundant and endless as a stream. No beginning and no end. Timeless, limitless, and gently flowing, and you are on the edge of it. You step in and fill your cup and drink as much or as little as you like, as often as you like. You treat with care the life-force of the stream so that it will continue to nourish all on its banks. See that there is PLENTY for every one. Remind yourself daily that the creative force behind it all works with out limitations and you too are limitless. Fill your cup and pass it on! 

Nicola Jones is the founder of   Prescription 4 Peace. This popular series, blog and book explores life-changing peaceful practices, products and people from around the globe that has inspired thousands to live a more beautiful life.Nicola is an established Host, Writer and TV producer who has worked for numerous Networks including: CHUM, CTV, ESPN, Can-West Global and The Weather Network. You can watch her every morning on Channel Zero’s CHCH as the Weather Specialist for Morning Live. Also a published writer, you could see her work in several magazines and online and now a special writer to The Okaville Voice.

Certified to teach yoga and meditation Nicola hosts corporate workshops, retreats and seminars. She has trained with Tony Murdock, Kim Eng and The Chopra Centre.