Listening To My Gut

How I Made A Hard Decision

by: Chau Lam

At some point, we all have to make difficult decisions in our lives. How do you know when you’ve made the “right” one? As a relatively new mom (I have a 17-month-old daughter, named Chloe), I had to make a hard decision recentlywork full-time or start my own business as a freelance writer and editor.

Both had their pros and cons. I’d have a steady income in one, and more flexibility to be with Chloe in the other. Each had their challenges. It was such an important decision, and I felt like I would have to sacrifice something no matter what I decided. Which one was the “right” decision for me and my family?

After months of indecision, I finally took a moment and listened to my gutotherwise known as my instinct, intuition, or sixth sense. I don’t listen to it enough. I needed to rely on it now. My gut was telling me to start my own freelancing business. I have over five years of writing experience and have worked in marketing and communications for a decade. As a freelance editor, I’d have the freedom to set my own schedule (and work around Chloe’s). I wanted to spend more time with my baby during this stage of her developmentshe was growing up so fast and I didn’t want to miss out on all of it.

But I was scared. What if I failed at freelancing? On top of it, recently I was presented with a great full-time opportunity. (Talk about bad timing.) I ended up turning it down. In hindsight, it was a sign—a good one. It made me realize that though freelancing may be an overwhelming and unpredictable endeavour, it can lead to a lot of opportunities and success for me—if I have the guts to give it a real, honest try. Best of all, I get to spend more time with Chloe, which is important to me.

If you find yourself facing a hard decision, listen to your gut and see where it takes you. (How wrong can it be, right?) I can’t wait to see where my decision takes me.

By day, Chau punctuates sentences, proofreads paragraphs, and plays with words as a freelance creative writer and editor with over 10 years experience in marketing and communications. Writing media releases, editing brochures, proofreading websites, and brainstorming blog post ideas are just a few of her many talents. She has worked with clients of all sizes, from small boutique firms to large corporations, and from a wide range of industries. Driven by her passion for the written word, she helps clients create content that gets their point across clearly and meaningfully. By night, she is a mom, wife, volleyball player, and avid reader.