Family Fun In The Sun

It’s time to go from chilling out in the snow to family fun in the sun. Make the most of your vacation to a sunny destination by planning ahead. From sun safety to must-have travel products and the hotel amenities you don't want to live without, these articles will help make your travels a breeze. Bon voyage!

what kids want on vacation
A new survey was released with interesting stats on family vacations. Read this, if you want to make your next family holiday 100% happy.
by: Erica Ehm
Kids on the Beach
Gone are the days of trashy novels and mindless sunbathing. A day at the beach with kids requires organization. Read on for sanity-saving suggestions.

6 Useful Tips When Traveling with Kids
The tips to ensure your family will have a dream vacation instead of a nightmare trip.
children at hotel
These four kid-friendly features can make the difference between a nightmare getaway and a dream vacation.

which is better disney or universal
Four days, two iconic theme parks, one family. Find out which amusement park in Orlando was the bigger hit: Disney World or Universal Studios.
by: Erica Ehm
Traveling with kids doesn't have to be a nightmare. Check out these 14 tips to turn your holiday into a dream vacation.
Save face, and the rest of your skin, with these golden rules of sun protection.
Bearview Mirrors
From neck pillows to black-out drapes, these ingenious products can save your vacation.
Somerset Falls Jamaica
'Every little thing gonna be all right' when you visit this hidden gem in Jamaica.
baby playing on the beach
The miracle sand remover and four other things you need to make your day at the beach all about fun in the sun.
Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia: Where the culinary experience connects you with your whole inner being.
You've packed your shorts, sunscreen, and swimwear but don't forget these cruise essentials for a fun-tabulous time!
beach tips and tricks for famiies
Beyond towels, sunscreen, and hats, these are the essential items to bring to the beach to make it fun day in the sun for all.
Lighten your load and keep your kids protected from the sun all while recycling this little item you already have at home.
travelling with children
Turn a nightmare trip into a sweet escape by planning ahead and incorporating these four simple tips into your travel itinerary.
Shedding a little (sun)light on some of the many myths about sun exposure, tanning, and your family's health.
Erica Ehm Club Med Sandpiper Bay Resort
Learn why you may want to make this Florida retreat your next vacation destination.
by: Erica Ehm
Few trips can combine a genuinely educational experience with an unforgettably good time, our visit to the Galapagos did it flawlessly.
My Review Of The Half Moon Resort In Jamaica
The Half Moon Resort gets a full star review. Find out why.