5 Must-Do Things To Do In Japan With Kids

Kid-Friendly Overseas Activities

I grew up in a small town in Japan. I met my husband there, got married, had my first son there. It’s been 10 years since we moved to Canada, so my son was pretty much raised as a Canadian. We try to go back to Japan as often as possible, and it’s great to see my son get so fascinated with my home country. Here are 5 Must-Do Things in Japan with your children.

Yukari Peerless is a Japanese mother of two boys and works at home as a freelance writer and translator. She also runs a small business as ESL agent to help Japanese students find language schools and homestays, TV and Film crew to coordinate a shoot in Canada. Helping those in need is very important to her and she is passionate about volunteering and fundraising for any worthy cause.

Always on the go, she is kept busy with children, business, socializing, volunteering, reading, yoga, and of course, wine....she had her share of lemons, but she is always ready for a challenge to make the yummiest lemon drop martini. Visit her blog at http://yukaricious.blogspot.com/.