10+ Reasons Deerhurst Resort Should be Your Family’s Next Getaway


Deerhurst Resort Waterfront

It's finally warm again and summer vacation time is almost here! If you (confession: like me) didn’t know that many people make their summer plans deep in the throes of winter, you probably found this article with a Google search akin to something like, “Oh, &*%$ I forgot to book a summer getaway WHAT IS AVAILABLE + ONTARIO.”

Fear not! You will not be stuck at jam-packed local water parks and beaches this year, because we have you covered - and it's an easy peasy drive to get there, even for families with carseat kids. It has everything a family vacation to be remembered is made of: comfortable accommodations, kid-friendly atmosphere, amazing food for palates simple AND sophisticated, and it doesn't include airline travel! (Another tip: bring ALL generations up for your holiday! Deerhurst offers leisure and active pursuits for people of any decade.) 

There’d be little argument that the Muskoka region of Ontario is one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth. Lakes, forest, blue skies, and sunshine are all in abundance here every summer season and at only a few hours travel time from most places in the GTA, it’s not to be missed. Deerhurst Resort is built for families, and it's right in the heart of this beautiful region, nestled in the peaceful and relaxing Muskoka landscape

So, besides the beautiful resort rooms, suites, and condos (all with great individual views) and world-class cuisine, here are some other fabulous things Deerhurst serves up (tennis pun fully intended!)

Treetop Trekking

Were you a tree-climber in your youth? There's no reason to stop now! Take a walk among the tree tops with your kids! Treetop trekking and zip-lining are a super-fun way to pass an afternoon of adventure with your kids doing something that if you attempted at home, would at the very least warrant a concerned knock on the door from your neighbours. 

Escape Cabins

Can you solve the mystery and find the gold prospector's hidden treasure? This challenge is great for all ages and sometimes the difficult clues need the logic of the youngest family members to figure out. Adults overthink almost everything (welcome to your 30s, friends) and it’s neat to see how all members of a family pull together with their own unique skills to come together as a mystery solving team.


Beautiful and quiet lakeside courts are available for all levels - and if you've forgotten your rackets at home, the activities desk has you covered! (It's also a great way to burn off all those campfire s'mores we'll be mentioning soon..) 


Climbing is innate to kids, but one they don't often get to indulge - at least not in today's climate of closely-monitored playgrounds. At least, that's what I tell myself when my son climbs higher than I could ever imagine, while I get vertigo standing on a footstool to reach the good cookies I hide in the way back of the pantry. Deerhurst has a safe but challenging, and kid-friendly indoor climb zone built just for their size hands and feet that must be seen! Watching your kids conquer that wall will bring a proud smile to their faces - and yours! 

Kayaking and Canoeing and More 

Built for one, or built for two, Deerhurst's kayaks and canoes are the best way to traverse the peaceful waters surrounding the resort. One of the best ways to see Muskoka is from the water in the early morning and kids will love being level with the water's surface as they gently slide over the surface. And the wildlife you may catch glimpses of will fill the talk of breakfast hour! Another great thing? Kayaks, canoes, stand up paddle boarding, and the amazing inflatable Splash Zone are all included in the nightly resort fee! For the speed-lover, Deerhurst's water-skiing and wakeboarding activities (at an additional charge) are the way to go. 


A rainy afternoon can actually be a relaxing treat once in a while, and should it happen while you're on holiday, no matter. Read a book by the lobby fireplaces, or head down with the kids to the arcade or indoor pool. The Deerhurst arcade offers families "inside fun" that could easily stretch into a few days should clouds persist. (And there's a spa on site, too!) 


Okay, so the sun is back out! (As it is most days in Ontario in the summer!) The Deerhurst beach is the place to be, and with new docks and swimming areas added last year, you will never feel like you are crowded into a tiny patch of sand with 1000 other sun-seekers. The sand here is soft and pliable, perfect for sandcastle building, and should the sun push you into the water for relief from the heat, there are inflatable play structures and water activities. 

Farm Animals 

Make sure you spend an afternoon visiting the petting farm to feed the animals, or saddle up and go on a trail ride with the resorts gentle and kid-friendly horses. For city dwellers - or even country folk without access to a riding stable, the Deerhurst horses are a great way to introduce your kids to country rides! 


Golf is one of the strongest pulls to Deerhurst for many people, of all golfing abilities, and it's no wonder, because there are two full 18-hole courses on the resort – the picturesque Deerhurst Lakeside and the famed Deerhurst Highlands. The resort offers professional instruction, and even has a Golf camp for kids during the summer months. Golf at Lakeside is included in the resort fee after 4pm to give new golfers a go, or you can arrange earlier tee times on the links with the clubhouse. 

Winter Activities  

In case you thought summer was the only time to get away and go North, we'd like to correct that assumption right now! Muskoka is equally as stunning in the snowy months and families will find as many activities await them as do in the warmer months. Trail skating, snowshoeing, tobogganing, skiing at hills close by, and all the aforementioned indoor pursuits (including heated pool and hot tubs for apres-winter chill activities!) keep families happy and active. 


The days at Deerhurst will pass, fast and happy. Imagine yourself here, in the evening,  after enjoying a meal brought to you in one of the great dining rooms or perhaps something lighter prepared by you in your own Deerhurst suite or condo kitchen. This is what vacations should be: relaxing and inspiring, with activities to suit indivdual needs and desires. Once night falls, it's time for a Muskoka summer's finest - clear, starry skies, a crackling campfire, delicous s'mores, and happy, tired children wrapped in blankets before a solid sleep. The next day? REPEAT! 

For more information, or to book a stay at the beautiful Deerhurst Resort in Muskoka, visit us here, or call 1-800-461-4393.