7 Winter Activities You Should Get Off Your Butt and Do

No. Excuses.

I see you; cowering under your favourite blankie, binge watching Netflix. You lost the plot somewhere around Season 6, but there’s nothing better to do, since spring is still so far away. I’m not peeking through your windows, I see you because I was you. I spent years hibernating and loathing winter, and all that ended up doing was making winter a whole lot longer than it needed to be. If you want the season to fly by, invest in some proper winter attire and get out there. I promise, the more you do, the more you’ll start to like, dare I say, even love the season.

Candace Sampson is a mother, volunteer, entrepreneur and recovering housewife who believes popcorn is not a snack, it’s an entrée, clean clothes are a privilege, not a necessity and Martha Stewart will be dropping by at any moment to slap a condemned sign on her house.

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