Apple's New "Frankenstein" Commercial is Going to Make You a Little Misty

Get ready to feel all the feels.

Apple Holiday Commercial

If you thought Window's new ads were eating Apple's lunch, don't worry - Apple's not done yet. "Frankie’s Holiday," Apple's latest Christmas commercial featuring the iPhone, was released just this week.

Shelley's famous monster is more likely to be a character of October than it is December - Frankenstein is not exactly a cheerful and heartwarming story, after all, even if the monster is mostly misunderstood. But actor Brad Garrett (who you may recognize as Robert from Everybody Loves Raymond) has a refreshingly uplifting take on the lonely living dead - and a great holiday use for those neck bolts.

After using his iPhone to record the music from his box, he goes to join the "village" Christmas festivities and attempts to win people over by lighting up and singing "No Place Like Home for the Holidays."

Naturally, things don't go well. But just when things start to get tense, a compassionate little girl steps in to smooth things over and help him finish his song.

Have a watch of the full commercial - we dare you to not pull a tissue.

As the crowd joins in, the ad closes with "Open your heart to everyone." It's a message that everyone who has endured 2016 so far sorely needs to keep top of mind. 

It's easy to misunderstand the "monsters" in our daily life, even without the help of false inflammatory news sites. Our fear can make small hiccups in life worse. But if we extend just a little compassion (and maybe a helping hand), we might find that these are not really monsters after all. 

They're only friends we haven't met yet.

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