How I Use My Smartphone to Help Treat My Son's Diabetes

Digital health care has empowered me

by: Sara Nita
How I Use My Smartphone to Help Treat My Son's Diabetes

My son Marcus is like most other happy little boys. He loves playing with his friends and spending time with his family. He is curious, caring, and kind. Shortly before his sixth birthday, though, he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

When his father and I learned of his condition — an incurable autoimmune disease — we were shocked and overcome with worry, but we were also determined to do everything in our power to help manage his treatment.

To properly look after Type 1 diabetes, patients and their caregivers must monitor diet, blood glucose, and insulin intake. This was all very new to me, though it became immediately apparent that tracking his blood glucose levels was going to be a challenge.  

From banking to organizing schedules, we do almost everything online, so keeping an ongoing log of Marcus’s condition using pen and paper was frustrating. To make matters more difficult, we are a very mobile family, constantly traveling, and I didn’t want that to negatively impact his care.

I started to research better solutions. Quickly, I uncovered a range of apps created specifically to aid Type 1 diabetes sufferers. With my mobile phone, I could track Marcus’s levels safely, reliably, and efficiently using a helpful app called bant that is a diabetes management app for the iPhone.


I was also able to use the bant app to correspond directly with his medical team, which saved time and gave us peace of mind. While this is great for his everyday care, it is particularly wonderful when it comes to irregular circumstances.

For instance, Marcus recently underwent a sudden growth spurt, which affected his blood glucose levels. I was worried. In the past, this would have meant taking time off work, scheduling doctors’ appointments, and uncertainty. Thankfully, the app let me maintain direct contact with his doctor, sharing Marcus’s status, making necessary adjustments, and keeping things under control.

Digital health care has empowered me to take better care of my son’s condition, so we can spend less time worrying and more time being a family. It has also opened my eyes to the many digital health solutions that exist across Canada.

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After her 8 year old son, Marcus, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in September 2011, Ottawa-based mom Sara turned to the online community to connect with other parents as well as people dealing with type 1 diabetes themselves and found a lot of support through them. By July 2012, she had launched, a family blog about type 1 diabetes. Sara was also involved in developing #CANDOC, a weekly Twitter chat for Canadians about diabetes.

Sara uses a diabetes app to manage her son’s daily blood-sugar readings and feels that this has been very helpful because it allows her to input his blood sugar and immediately share it with a nurse or doctor who can then identify the best way to manage his health. Sara is spreading the word about the benefits of digital health.