Everything You Need For Back-to-School 2014

Starting the school year off right is as easy as ABC with our ultimate back-to-school guide.  We created a page to help you fill in the blanks and make a stress-free transition from summer fun to school schedules. From essential supplies to fab fashions, how to pack a lunch with a punch and great ways to stay organized, we’ll have you making the grade in back-to-school.

6 Important Features Your Child's New Laptop Must Have
Don't break the bank buying a laptop for your child's school work. Here's what you need to know before you make your purchase.
School Lunches Idea List
How many of these 88 lunch ideas have you used in your house? Do you have any other suggestions to add to the list?
by: Alex Thom

Take the stress out of packing healthy school lunches with these quick and easy tips and ideas.
Whether it's your child's first year or fifth, use these ten tips to help your child ease into the new school year.

After seven months of homework hell, the mouse house was my breaking point.
Do these five simple steps to set you and your family up for school year success. The Facebook tip is brilliant.
Homework assignment school project
How a teacher unknowingly gave a grandmother one of the best gifts she's ever received.
Get into the mood for going back to school by hosting a movie-thon with your kids. Which is your favourite school-themed movie?
Load up in style with these backpacks that will get your kids through the school year no matter what they put in it.
by: Zeba Khan
Before you go to the principal and have your child removed from a split class, read this. There are some major advantages to being in a split.
back to school organization
This year we will be organized! And disciplined! And punctual! There will be healthy breakfasts and matching socks!
Five tips to make life less hectic and get everyone in your family out the door on time, every time.
back to school tips
Lower your expectations and set attainable goals to transition back to school in six painless steps.
Green School Lunch Gear Ideas
We can't contain our excitement over these eco-friendly lunch containers and products that can be used year after year.
Five ways to protect your kids from online harassment and the homework you can do with them to reinforce these cyber-bullying lessons.
If I can get everything done in the summer when my kids are home I can practically take over the world with seven full hours a day, five days a week, no?
Ten ways grandma can lighten the load at back-to-school time.
When it comes to school lunches, variety is not the spice of life. Who's with me on bracing monotony and losing high the lunchtime expectations.
Summer is synonymous with slacking. Vacations, stay-cations, back yards, where ever summer is spent, it's supposed to be relaxing.
A new book by former E! Entertainment host, Heather Hartt-Sussman, can help your little one get over her first-day-of-school jitters.
Use this dinner tip to alleviate the stress of making lunches in the morning.
Five practices to help your child transition to their school schedule with less stress.
by: Anonymous (not verified)
sleep routine
Routines may be mundane but they also keep your child healthy. Find out how you can recognize the signs that your children need a routine.
Six tips to make the transition from laid back summer lounging to chaotic school days easier on you and your kids.
It's time to separate the myths from reality. We're giving you the whole grain truth about the lunches you pack for your kids.
I found one teacher who was willing to spill the beans on what some teachers really want you to know, so long as he or she remained anonymous.
When kids become teenagers, the first day of school is a whole new game
Would you or could you teach your kids at home? Read this article that will educate you on homeschooling.
As a mom, I totally screwed up this morning and am feeling a bit sick to my stomach about it.
Don't let the stress of rushed mornings stop you from preparing a healthy lunch for your kids. This book that will have you brown bagging it in no time.
School may be out for the year, but it’s smart to keep your kid’s head in the game. Strategies for keeping the kids school-ready, all summer long.
Parents are increasingly aware of the environmental impacts of their purchases and decisions. Use what you know to green up back to school.
Get ready to give your kids their happiest, healthiest year at school by following this handy list for a strong start.
If your child is easily distracted while eating lunch at school, doing this one little thing can help ensure they eat more food.
A disorganized child is easy to spot. If there’s one living with you, you know the conflicts the disorganization can cause at home and in school.
Think you don't have time to make breakfast? Candace whipped up 5 egg recipes that can be made in 12 minutes or less. On your mark, get set, cook!
How the spend now, save later motto can mean more money in your wallet.
For those trying to juggle the challenges of co-parenting, back-to-school can be even more exhausting and stressful.
Waste not, want not. This simple trick will ensure your school supplies last for the entire year.
Use this simple scale to scale down on fancy lunches.
Now, our freshly bathed children are sleeping peacefully in their clean rooms with their clothing laid out and their school bags ready to go.
What is life at school REALLY like? From mean teachers to first day jitters and friends, these books have it covered.
Don't forget to get this important item that will make your teens school life more manageable.
If your child is suffering from anxiety with the onset of going back to school, there are a few things you can do to alleviate it:
back to school
Acting out may be how your child communicates to you the frustration he feels at school. Here is what you need to ask if you think your child needs help