Tell Others About #Masterpass for a Chance to Win this Holiday Season!

Online shopping is a breeze everywhere Masterpass is accepted.

Tis the season to get shopping, and for many Canadian moms, that means getting it done speedily and conveniently online from the comfort of their couch. And there's a great digital solution to make your online shopping faster and easier: Masterpass!

Masterpass is a digital wallet for people who like (or need!) to shop and get on their way, and it’s a great little life hack for speeding up online shopping. Not only can you load it with your information (so you don't have to add and re-add your name and address every time you shop online),  you can also add your debit card, and prepaid cards as well! It saves your payment information and mailing address securely, making checkout faster everywhere it is accepted.

Help get the word out by participating in this contest, and you could be entered to win one of three $100 prepaid Mastercards this holiday season! 

Masterpass Holiday