Create an Easy Back to School Capsule Wardrobe Your Kids Will Love

If you think about the “type” of days your kids will be having this school year, it will make the planning process that much easier!

Back to School days are here! Now is the time to think about getting the kids ready for the big day, and the next few weeks are going to be all back packs, school supplies, haircuts… And don’t forget the new clothes you’ll need, since everyone seems to grow three inches over the summer! Shopping for your young kids can be daunting, but if you think about the “type” of days your kids will be having this school year, it will make the planning process that much easier.

First Day of School

The first day of school can bring out lots of emotions – from both kids and moms! While some children may be so excited for first days that they don’t sleep at night, others may be incredibly nervous. Ease transitions in any way you can, including simple things like getting your littles an outfit they love and feel good in, like a great pair of jeans and a fun graphic T.  That, paired with a fun lunch and some confident words of support from you may mean the difference between a “meh” and “Yay!” first day.  

Photo Day

Let’s be honest here: I can almost guarantee that your kids school photo day’s outfit is for you, and you only! So the least you can do is avoid embarrassing your kids with a “terrible” (read: super adorable) outfit. With the OshKosh Uniform Shop, you can find some great items to mix-and-match with clothes that they already love. Pair a romper with cute boots, or khakis with a denim dress shirt, and you will have a picture you (and your kids!) are happy to share with family and friends.

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are a great opportunity for kids to express themselves in front of their friends in a setting other than the classroom. They get to let loose a little, so why not let them express themselves through their clothes? When doing your BTS shopping, give them a chance to pick out a couple of shirts or accessories for the fun events you know are coming up soon, like a birthday-worthy headband.

Field Trips

I’m not entirely sure what happens on field trips, but every time my little guy gets off the bus from one you’d swear he rolled around in a dirt pile the entire afternoon. My best advice for field trips is this: don’t send them in their Sunday best. Comfy and durable is key, like water repellant rainboots, unless they are heading to the symphony, and if that’s the case, I’d stick to my Photo Day advice.

Everyday Wear

For kid’s day-to-day wear, you want to have clothes that you both love, and that will last through the school year. (Or at least until another growth spurt hits!) Start with the basics: Graphic T’s, jeans, track pants, and sweaters. It’s warm now, but know that cooler weather is only weeks away. Finish up with some statement pieces like overalls and polo shirts, and you are good to go!

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