Lego-Compatible Tape Will Be the Hottest Toy This Year

We're calling it now.

Lego is one of the building blocks of childhood. Literally. Loved by both girls and boys, it’s a toy that lets kids create anything their imaginations desire.

We still have over 10,000 pieces of Lego that fill five bins at our house; it’s the one toy my boys don’t want me to get rid of. When they were full-on into the Lego stage of their childhood, the one thing they wanted (aside from EVERY SET AVAILABLE) was this Lego Sort and Store Head that sorts Lego by size. They begged me for it, and quite frankly, it was worth every penny just for the one rainy day it kept them both busy for five hours sorting every single piece we owned.

Well, what you’re about to see next completely blows that Lego head out of the water.

Imagine being able to build around corners, up walls, on curved surfaces, and create Lego worlds on your fridge... or just about anywhere you can imagine. Enter Nimuno Loops, the toy block tape. It’s essentially a strip of flexible, bendable, shapeable tape that can turn anything into a Lego-compatible surface thanks to its repositionable adhesive backing.

Created by Cape Town professional industrial designers, Anine Kirsten and Max Basler, Nimuno Tapes are going to knock your blocks off. Think of the possibilities! Cut your kids a few strips of tape so they can put their initials in Lego on a bedroom door while you drink your morning coffee. Have them create a roadway through the kitchen while you catch up on emails. You can even bring some strips for them to play with while you shop for groceries.

Oh wait, this is for the kids, right?

Since Nimuno Tapes are now currently 17,000% percent over the original fundraising goal on its Indiegogo campaign, it looks like this Lego-compatible tape is going to be the must-have toy of the year.

So, you might want to watch this video after they go to bed.

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