Classy Gifts for Those Who Appreciate a Well-Placed Swear

A F*cking Awesome Gift Guide

When it comes to gifts, nothing beats a well-thought out purchase that speaks to the heart and soul of the person you're buying for. When your friends and loved ones are bold and love a well placed f-bomb, finding the perfect gift outside of a Spencer's Gifts can be a challenge. Well, fear not. Whether you're shopping for Christmas or just need to find a little something that says "I care," these gifts are classy, sassy, a little bit smart-assy.

Need to do some Christmas shopping for a woman who loves a well-placed f-bomb? We'll help you out with this f*cking awesome gift guide.

Anne is one of those people who usually speaks to others in memes, pop culture references, and SAT words. On those occasions she can be understood at all, she likes to entertain others with a sense of humour usually described by friends as “hilarious—once you get to know her.”