Back to School Bliss!

Make the most of back-to-school shopping

back to school shopping

This is the second year I've been home with the kids during the summer, and I'm ready to send them to an overnight camp—even the one-year-old!  With three kids under ten years old, I take comfort in two things: a bowl of ice cream after they finally fall asleep and the first day of school.

Since I am still transitioning into this crazy new role of SAHM, preparing for another school year is going to be different than last year. Despite the challenges of living on one income, I have discovered ways to get it all done without breaking the bank.  Phase Shopping 
Just because there are a million marketing campaigns insisting we buy all the kids back-to-school gear all at once doesn't mean we have to.  Make a list of what is needed and put them into categories: clothing, school supplies, must-have, etc. Choose a week to buy items from one category instead of everything in one shot. Try not to wait until the weekend before school starts in case the pickings are slim. I've started buying clothes by season since my daughter decided to grow a few inches every night. Reuse, It's Cool!
It would totally embarrass my wannabe tween if she heard me say that phrase out loud. But that's exactly what she'll be doing when she's sporting her near-perfect-condition backpack. Last year I splurged on backpacks, and it paid off. There's no way I'm throwing out a perfectly good backpack just because a new school year has started. So, I made a deal with my daughter: Keep the backpack and get something else brand spanking new. Some call it bribery, I call it a beautiful economic compromise.   I'm certainly not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but with time, I am getting the hang of this parenting stuff. I love my kids more than chocolate on sale, but I am happily awaiting the joyous sound of that first school bell. Don't worry, I'm not that cynical! I will miss the days at the splash pad and late night family movies (so they'll sleep in). I am looking forward to making more memories next summer, but I need a few months to recuperate. However, while the girls are at school I will sneak in extra cuddles from my little big man since it'll be his turn in just three years—and yes, I am counting.