What Women Want From Their Man

Top Ten Ways To Show Her You Love Her

Married couples are often on different pages as far as expressing love. I believe that people speak different “Love Languages” as outlined by Gary Chapman in his book and one of the keys to a happy marriage is to find what makes your spouse feel loved and do it for them.

So as a little help for all my Mom friends (specifically stay-at-home mom friends), I have compiled a list for our husbands of the top 10 ways (according to my extensive research) to start Lovin’ Your Baby-Momma!

10. Wash the dishes.

Sometimes it’s nice to walk in the house after a late night at work or even out with the girls, and find the dishes done and ready for the next day. Maybe it’s not your job, maybe you don’t have to, maybe you shouldn’t feel obligated, but I’m telling you, if you wash the dishes for her, she will feel LOVED!

9. Plan a night out for dinner, movie or even coffee.

But please make sure YOU arrange the babysitter! Nothing says I love you like, “Don’t worry, I already took care of the kids, let’s go!”

8. Offer to go get the groceries by yourself.

Even if she writes the list and you take it and do all the shopping yourself. Especially if your sweetheart usually does the weekly shopping with the children in tow. I love it when my hubby says, “Give me a list, I’ll go!”

7. Sit with her on the sofa and watch HER favourite t.v show or movie.

Don’t just suffer through it or doze in a chair, but actually WATCH the show and pay attention. If she enjoys it, she will enjoy sharing it with you.

6. Foot Rub…’nuff said.

5. Dedicate your first 10 minutes home from work to her and her alone.

I love it when hubby walks in the door, dishes out kisses to all the little ones and then sends them away so he can focus on me for a few minutes. It’s a great chance to share the good and bad of your day with each other and a chance to connect before the dinner hour and bedtime craziness takes over.

4. Random text messages to tell her you love her, or to tell her you miss her and can’t wait to see her later in the day.

Be specific, “hey baby ‘sup?” is not the same.

3. Play with your children.

I mean REALLY play with them, I’m talking about running in the backyard, tickling on the floor, imagination games, board games or making a fort. Nothing pleases a woman more than when her children get full out play time with Daddy.  It tells us that all that painful labour we went through was worth it, because you love the kids as much as we do! Plus sometimes it’s nice not to have to be the one doing all the playing.

2. Buy your wife a gift.

This is not the kind of gift that you purchase on Valentines Day or her birthday, but something random that you know she needs or wants, but hasn’t bought for herself. A book she’s wanting to read, the bra or underwear she needs but hasn’t made a priority (not the kind YOU like, but the kind that SHE likes!), a magazine she was eyeing in the supermarket, a plant she can put on the table to brighten up the kitchen. Something that says you noticed she would like it and you want her to have it.

1. Listen to her.

Really listen to her. Ask her about her day and listen carefully to what she tells you, pay attention when she is talking about her job, schoolyard politics, play date dramas or neighbourhood activities. If she is the mother of your children, especially a stay-at-home-mom, this is as important to her as your (perhaps boring) job is to you. She will feel loved if you are interested in what she does in a day, there is a good chance she has spent years listening to all the goings on of your workplace and sports teams, she would appreciate the same respect.

Trust me, when your wife feels listened to, she feels loved. That’s just a good plan for both of you! Good Luck and Good Lovin’!!

Lola is a Canadian Mother of 2 children. Along with being heavily involved in her church and her children's school, she is a freelance writer who is fortunate enough to stay at home with her children; the best career choice she ever made.

Check out her blog, Peanut Butter Smudges.